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My character was banned because i was not there

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  • My character was banned because i was not there

    I was in Merca Port doing nothing in the game (i was eating dinner in the meanwhile), when i got back i was receiving a LOT of messages from the system saying that i was "playing improperly" and because of that got banned.
    Can someone tell me why this happened ?

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    Was it another player that was sending you those messages? Through the mail or personal whispers? If that was the case it is a scammer trying to get your info don't share anything.

    If it was a system message a screenshot would be nice to see and understand what you are going through.


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      Yes it was the system look


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        Looks like you have to send a 1:1 inquiry to them to ask appeal your punishment, best course of action


        • HollowKnight
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          Thanks dude i really appreciate your help

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        Yes, i'm still trying because i was doing the lunaria event with the character and got banned .-.
        2 Years without really playing the game when i came back that happens ;-;