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  • What's new in DN 2021?

    Hi guys. Played DN SEA since 2012, until the release of Desert Dragon. Quitted DN long ago at around level 70 cap i believe?

    Things I hate about DN previously was the stamp system, and jelly system to upgrade item. Quite anti-fun and deters farming for item.

    Is it still a thing now in the current DN? What has changed? Is Final Dmg still a thing? Been thinking to come back to DN just for casual play.

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    DN has been become so noob and solo friendly, every content can be soloed by selecting your choice of difficulty, classes a more balanced than before.
    Cash items like epic pets, costumes, inventory, storage expansion.
    Endgame items can be farmed and obtain by either clearing raids or buying from other players.

    The game has made a lot of changes and it is a lot better now, I suggest you should try it one more time