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Getting started and need help in tips and guide

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  • Getting started and need help in tips and guide

    Hey guys. Recently I've re-entered DN after I've quitted many many many years ago (level 70 cap). Now after entering, it seems as though the DN I knew has been COMPLETELY revamped. I got to level 95 in just 1-2 days by doing main quest (main quest seems to level you up everytime you complete it).

    Now at level 95 (while wearing all the free set DN provided), I am in a complete lost. What are steps/newbie guide to progress, in gear wise, to progress into getting the best set/gear? Which NPC i can ignore and which ingredient/item/set I should just focus on? Things like lapis, hero points, lebrium points etc etc etc etc, what are their uses? What can be farmed and what cannot be farmed? Grubby keys? The hell are those?

    And I also notice that in any dungeon, randomly there will be stronger monster slashing through dimension and fight me. Those are random encounters? Their drop seems to be good and important. Do you guys farm those?

    So many other questions. Need some help here. Thanks alot.

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    Best way to learn Dragon Nest again is to search on YouTube SpeedColie. He is a DN youtuber that has a lot of video guides for new players


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      Will do. Thanks!