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Lost after reaching lvl95

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  • Lost after reaching lvl95

    I'm new to this game. Realize nobody willing to talk in game or even bother to help out. Trying to join a guild to seek for help but mostly they reply:

    where are you from? The moment I reply I'm from Singapore got ignore.

    This game heavily populated by PH and INDO till anyone not from their country are left alone. Will play this game for another 2-3 days if nothing change most probably uninstall this game.

    This game have great concept but sadly its community is more towards their own country men even though its a sea server is more like PH and INDO server.

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    I can assure you there are very kind ppl and guilds in dn sea. if you need help join the dragon nest discord, many people there are ready to help. Sorry for the terrible experience.


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      I tried NA server community is much more helpful then Sea server but sadly the high ping is killing me.


      • RichyRichy
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        Yeah, I highly recommend to stay in SEA, NA is pretty dead, hard to find items and pt. Find a good international guild in SEA (those are the best) and play with them. SEA is way more active, you won't regret

      • XrosMagnus
        XrosMagnus commented
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        Will try out. I'm still learning how to play anyway no idea which is good or bad.