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Why pvp server suck?

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  • Why pvp server suck?

    Since this forum is pretty much dead, I'll post this in general anyway

    What's the deal with pvp?
    evasions despite having iframes are getting cancelled
    Rolling while knocked down is pretty much useless
    Using skills that give iframe gets cancelled despite it having an iframe
    Delays to summons like magma wall and burning coal's ash
    player avatars showing in different location in contrast to their actual location
    Players casting ground skills despite them getting juggled in the air
    Despite the blatant money milking schemes of this game there's still pretty much a playerbase for this. The least the people who runs this could do is give a quality service not just cough out money milking new contents for the whales

    p.s. I read the bigbang thingy and all it did is "fix" SA, SAB, and duration of iframe dodges