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    Welcome back, fellow adventurers.

    If you remember, we had a massive thread on the Old Forums that allowed players to discuss the lore of Dragon Nest. Calling it a successful project is an understatement; during the transition stage of the game to its new publisher, it had 7,403 replies and a massive 1,043,993 views, making it one of the most active and longest-running threads in the Old Forums. And now, with the move to a new forums, we'll have a new place to discuss Dragon Nest lore.

    But we have some things to do before we can finally settle down.

    Currently, Verbena, one of the moderators of the Old Forums, did not guarantee a publisher-side archive of the Old Lore Talk thread. So first off, I request those who have online archives of the old thread to have the links posted here. For the meantime, I'll have the Old Dragon Nest Lore Talk thread linked to remind those from the old forums. Alternately, we can just use the DNSEA Wiki to document most things that we need. (The DNSEA Wiki also has articles on more Dragon Nest-related things.)

    Spoiler scholars, newbies and experienced players, welcome! This thread is the place to go if you're interested in knowing more about the story of Dragon Nest, from Altea's poisoning to the advances of the Apostles of the Red Dragon and the Dragon Followers to the ongoing campaigns in Mistland.

    Let's talk about the lore of Dragon Nest.

    The Story So Far: The Saga of Vestinel [Levels 80-93]

    With the threat of Feder and the Dragon Followers finally vanquished in Lagendia, peace is slowly returning to Altea's dreamworld. However, the gate connecting Lagendia to Mistland is still open, and while there is a way to keep the gate closed from Lagendia's side, there is no guarantee that the same can be said on Mistland's side. In order to secure the Monolith for certain, the adventurers travel to Mistland through dimensional rifts opened by the Priestesses of Darkness, and they stumble upon Merca's Heart, a bustling merchant town in Mistland. Immediately, they discover that Mistland isn't the harsh dreamworld they were told about.

    Not long after, they discover the ongoing conflicts in Mistland between the Anti-Goddess Faction, people who hold the "goodwill of Lagendia" in their hearts, and the Holy Edart Empire, who worship the will of their creator-goddess Vestinel. In this conflict, siblings Hiver and Grele struggle to live impoverished lives as commoners, while the sudden appearance of the adventurers is sought after by the leader of Merca's Heart, Vernicka, who would use their skills in combat to maintain a precarious power balance between opposing forces. After much suffering, Hiver started taking a more aggressive stance by joining the Anti-Goddess Faction, but her death in the hands of the forces of Tryan, who rules the region around Merca's Heart, causes a change in Grele. After killing Tryan in an act of vengeance, Grele becomes a Child, a powerful being of Mistland whose will is directly connected to Vestinel herself. In a painful irony, Hiver was also turned into a Child, and due to the power-hungry nature of Childs, Hiver and Grele would find themselves in constant conflict with each other.

    As Hiver started becoming elusive, Grele, who manages to keep Vestinel's control in check, joins the adventurers in a sprawling refugee town south of Merca's Heart called Rhadames. Here, the adventurers help the leader of the Anti-Goddess Faction, Norfe, to deal with forces affiliated to the Holy Edart Empire while facing the problem of Rubinart's corruption. Sadly, even Norfe's expertise in technology and medicine can only slow down Rubinart's condition, and as the original Red Dragon loses control of his actions, he falls in the hands of Vestinel, in the form of Pitya, the Oracle of the Holy Edart Empire. However, to the surprise of the adventurers, the barrier that has been keeping the forces of Mistland at bay has strengthened, and there may be still hope in saving Rubinart by looking for an artifact called the Chalice of Healing.

    The new quest for the Chalice of Healing enters several complications. Mamon, another powerful Child leading her own piece of the empire, started her movements, while the adventurers discover actions of treachery from within the Anti-Goddess Faction. Hiver and Grele reunite, but only for Hiver to push Grele into one of Mamon's traps. Grele survived the ordeal, but Mamon uses his jewel to transform into the Rune Dragon, and it was revealed soon after by Vernicka that the trap was a part of his plan to have Hiver killed. This action severely frayed the ties between Vernicka and the Anti-Goddess Faction, and the adventurers find themselves lost over who to trust in their journey within Vestinel's dreamworld.
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    Step into the Story of Dragon Nest.
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    it's back yay

    been reading a lot on the previous thread but decided to step on the DN SEA wiki to read more (a lot of stubs tho, i mean Bishop Ignacio's article is missing A LOT) anyways with this back on the new forums i now have a new way of slacking at work
    "Behind every mask lies a man who can't live in his own sins..."


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      I'll write a "The Story So Far" as long as I remember all the details.
      Step into the Story of Dragon Nest.
      Bloomchild (Inquisitor) • Hysperia (Smasher) • Soleilune (Artillery) • Glimmerick (Gearmaster) • Maidenveil (Blade Dancer) • Pointillis (Flurry) • Regenskorn (Dark Avenger) • Paprikumin (Ruina)


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        Great, I've quit the game for a few years now in favor of FFXIV. Would love to read "The story thus far" summary to know what's the current happenings in the plot.


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          I hope this thread gets pinned. Will include in my FAQ thread. Looking forward for 95 cap main quest story.


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            question dear scholars...Rencraw was created by Rubinart using a fragment of the Beyond Dragon's gem right? does that make him a Child? if so, do you think this will be reflected on the upcoming spin-off class, Bloody Phantom?
            "Behind every mask lies a man who can't live in his own sins..."


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              Nope, can't. At least with new FTG system. I need to spend all week doing quest because FTG won't last more that twelve dungeons. If you have screenshots of ALL the dialogue then why not create online album, and we'll take a look at it.

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              It's thousands, no service is gonna take them. I'm still looking but my folders nowadays load incredibly slow.

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              I have these ss idk if that answer anything though

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            Chapter 15: A New Faction story summary script:Click image for larger version

Name:	DN 2017-09-07 22-03-18 Thu.jpg
Views:	388
Size:	195.5 KB
ID:	82796
            Click image for larger version

Name:	DN 2017-09-07 22-03-33 Thu.jpg
Views:	390
Size:	193.8 KB
ID:	82797Click image for larger version

Name:	DN 2017-09-07 22-03-43 Thu.jpg
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Size:	191.5 KB
ID:	82798


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              BUMPING THIS I didn't know we were back at it again.

              What's the mood lads.


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                The CC version of this thread was pinned, so I will stick this one.

                I should go an unstick the threads of events already finished.


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                  tbh this is the only thread im subscribed lols


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                    Doing Goddess' work

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                  So this ended up turning into a localization/translation talk:


                  Who here wants to try translating all of these?

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	tumblr_oyu6f6g3EI1r0r85mo6_1280.png Views:	1 Size:	69.5 KB ID:	105090

                  #MMMM thinking if the “”“’‘pervert”“”“’ thing is canon or just korean->chinese->english translation
                  >I still can’t sleep because of the nightmares. Everything I did for that man was in vain, and that pervert who tortured me keeps appearing in my nightmares and it makes me wanna puke.

                  >*직도 *날* 악몽 때문* **로 잠을 못*고 있*. * 남*** *쳤던 모든 것을 *란듯* 걷**고 *를 고문했던 * 망할 변**식도 꿈속* *올때** ** *꾸로 솟는 *낌**.

                  I think 변** is pervert but I can’t really translate this. I think he’s actually saying thinking about all of this makes makes his blood curdle/turn inside, not throw up tho.

                  I don’t think this is the first time he called him a pervert either… Also I don’t think you actually need to have someone mention it verbally to realize he’s a pervert (lol)

                  >由于那天的噩梦,我目前仍旧无法正常入睡。每当梦到那个该死的变态将我献给那个男人的东西一脚踹开, 并对 我严加拷问的情景,我就无比愤慨。

                  Not like I can’t translate this either but here I think he just calls him a torturer and he’s just saying he feels humilliated. Up to you or anyone else to try.


                  This sounds reaaally toned down

                  The one used only in the North American server if anyone cares (the one posted first is from Global/Europe):

                  >Another nightmare. Of him again. How many times do I have to relive that torture? He will pay.

                  Even more toned down, and the added last line makes little sense because at this point Karahan is already dead unless they wanted to make it all about Feather.
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                    Korean text doesn't seem to work in this forum, ironic considering this is a Korean game. You will have to check the link to see the text.

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                    In other news, a summary of the events so far: Click image for larger version  Name:	sgtsrgt.png Views:	1 Size:	24.9 KB ID:	105331

                    Whose gonna break it to Gregory that Shalika is old enough to be his mother.
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                      Chocorroles here I have some ss when Ren meets Ruby and stuff aprox 9 ss


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                        This doesn't really say the player has Argenta's jewel in them tho, which was the question of that post :^(

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                      Does this color scheme looks familiar