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    it's nice that we have another lore thread.

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      Hi guys! Minor question:

      What's the story behind Oracle Elder?
      I have a Kali and so far, I was able to follow her story line up until Merca's Heart. I am quite curious as to how different Oracle Elder's story is from Kali's storyline.
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      Harmonicah (Physician)
      Kaaalm (Soul Eater)


      • AjiBuster499
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        After a certain level cap (like 70 or 80) they unified all the main questlines, but Oracle Elder story-wise is different because she accepted the job of being the Oracle (or the Prophet's Helper-from-the-Shadows iirc) and chose to walk the path of light. It's quite interesting because she saw both paths (light and dark) and was given the choice between light and dark. The Kali as a class in general is the Prophet's Shadow meant to support her. However, the Kali doesn't really like being in the shadows that much and the fact that the Oracle willingly accepted this is what sets her apart I believe.

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        Thank you AjiBuster. I do have several questions though:

        1. IIRC, the Story has not updated Rosalinde's status (Prophet) as of the moment. And since Garaham's ploy was to put the Prophet in the dark so as to put the Shadow of Prophet (Kali) in the light, technically, Kali is the prophet nowadays. Is my understanding correct/accurate?
        2. If yes, then it's say to say that Kali/Oracle Elder is Lagendia's Prophet?
        3. Is Kali/Oracle Elder the counterpart of Vestinel's Oracle (which I believe is named Pitya)?

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      Does anybody here knows exactly what these spin-off character's revised stories are? "※ Dark Avenger gains new tutorials and a full-fledged quest story"


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        Hello there! As Chocorroles, I want to know about new Dark Avenger EX storyline. Does anybody knows about it? (KR patch from Jan 10). And can someone tell what story of Bleed Phantom?
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          Saint Haven level cap 2011 has been increased by December.
          Hollywood, Greenwood, Spring wood, Westwood.
          On 24 April 2012, the long anticipated Academic class has been released, bringing the total playable starting characters to 5.

          From my TPP the ( Rozin Sanctuary ) ━╤デ╦︻(▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ ̿)
          as part of both main/side quests is a most neglected part of the story since the NEW FACTION main begun.
          Main quests scenarios from Chapter6--7 are blurry, for other classes only Tinkerer have a clear outline in completing main quests.

          Arendel Gateway Chapter 10 ( Archer class)√
          Anu Arendel's exact location ---- has not yet been revealed , but it is said that it may be accessible by land or sea, based on how elves can easily journey to Prairie Town.

          With Version 113 now patched, Anu Arendel can now be traveled to the East Gate of New Saint Haven, featuring new dungeons

          Dragon Nest 2.0

          Dragon Nest R
          Dragon Nest A

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            Remember when this game was about saving the Prophet Rose?

            Yeah, me neither.