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DN EU Community Discord Server for SEA players as well!

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  • DN EU Community Discord Server for SEA players as well!

    A re-post of the previous topic on SEA forums, as you guys are already familiar with:

    Hello there dear SEA players!

    In the beginning of June 2016 Dragon Nest Europe started a Discord community server for our players, with some great results! Bringing the community closer together, being able to discuss things easier and more directly among ourselves than forums or other platforms would allow.

    We would like to point out that our Discord is accessible for you SEA (or any other region for that matter) players here as well. We are currently receiving (almost all) the same updates meaning we can discuss new content, class changes on a larger scale!

    For those who wonder what Discord is, here's a quote from our original topic:

    Discord is a messenger application also supporting Voice over IP (VoIP), a service similar to known services such as Skype, TeamSpeak, Ventrilo, Curse, RaidCall, etc., a voice chat and communication program made for gamers. Registering a Discord account is very easy, and only takes a minute. Discord will run in your browser, on your desktop, and even available as a mobile app!
    Our Discord has several useful and interesting channels for you to explore!
    • #news & updates
    • #general discussion
    • #party-recruitment
    • #colosseum
    • #events
    • #trading
    • #gameplay
    • #support
    • #off-topic
    • #media
    • and several more!

    After registering and setting up an account, you can join our community. However, in order for us to identify you for who you say you are there is a verification process. If you don't verify, you'll remain unverified and will have limited access to features on our the server. When verifying your account, you'll be matched with your forum username or one of your in-game character names, more details on the verification process can be found at the top of our #announcements channel.

    You can verify in multiple ways, depending on which "nickname" you want displayed on Discord, either in-game, by sending a screen shot of your character, or through this topic by commenting with a post. Your Discord app will display your name and ID at the bottom left of your screen, or when pressing your name with the following format:

    Discord name#id

    Send the above in the topic, or contact me by PM (or Direct Message) on Discord using the screen shot method to become a verified member. NA players may use this topic to verify.

    We also organize games, and karaoke, aside from our regular voice chats whenever possible to add to the fun, have skill builds and lots of information available, so make sure to join us!

    You may join the Discord server using the following link:

    (please make sure that you're on our server before trying to verify your membership!)

    We hope to see you around!

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    Rurouni Guild Master
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    I will include this in my FAQ, this thread is already buried inside and won't get noticed unless ED will fix this bugged forum.


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      Thanks! Although the topic is also accessible from our Discord through a link people can use as a reference to verify themselves. Don't forget to verify yourselves people!

      Rurouni Guild Master
      | DN EU Discord Community |
      ~ Words are an edged weapon, but at the same time...
      ...can become a tool wrapped in kindness.


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                  Hey there everyone, I'm Raudhr, one of the commuinity managers for our Dragon Nest Discord.

                  This is just a reminder for the NA players, that those on our Discord are able to verify their membership on our Discord by posting their Discord name#id here!
                  In case you're not on our Discord yet, definitely come check us out!
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