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About updating the light weapons stats

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  • About updating the light weapons stats

    Does Devs got any plans on updating the stats of darkness,light,purple,gold weapons ?
    because their title as a "limited edition costume weapons" are put to waste if you compare this weapons stats to the stats of the weapons that are being sold in the cash shop
    weapons cash shop stats are much better

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    No. The closest thing that'll happen is that they'll release a new version of said weapons that you would have to get all over again.


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      A quote from a post by shynnblue in CC forum.

      i think this cash weapon may be implemented in DN sea in future patches:

      the uploader also said this in the comments section:

      "It's a weapon costume, currently has the best stats in Dragon Nest Indonesia, and also compatible with all classes... We can also temporarily merge the transformation weapon costume with other weapon costume, and the merged weapon costume will have merged costume appearance, but with transformation's costume stats,, So now I can wear my favourite old costume, with (currently the best) transformation costume's stats ~"