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PSA: Don't Send a Post/Thread Multiple Times

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  • PSA: Don't Send a Post/Thread Multiple Times

    Don't attempt to bypass the spam/bot filter by submitting a post or thread multiple times to get it [Approved].

    This filter it's just similar to how our previous forums (CherryCredits based on IP.Board) had to have 5 post approved to be able to post normally. vBulleting has instead a filter that marks any post as a threat if it detects certain behavior or words. Attempting to bypass a filter by spamming falls under DN-COM-03 and DN-COM-01.

    I'm afraid this has gotten to the point where it's just too time consuming and annoying to approve a post just to find out the user made one or more copies which were already approved, spawning repeat post and threads then having to track these to remove them. Or also finding the same post and/or thread submitted multiple times which slows down the process of getting all approved and affects unfairly the people who use the system properly.

    I'm afraid any post or thread that doesn't follow the rules after this announcement may be deleted along with it's copies and receive infractions if necessary.

    Thanks for your time.
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