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Costumes: Where to obtain Main and Secondary Weapon?

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  • Costumes: Where to obtain Main and Secondary Weapon?

    Hi its me again, Beginner Celdris.
    I just found out today about costume engravings.
    But I cannot find main/secondary weapon costumes in TH nor in Cash Shop.
    Where can we get these?

    EDIT: And I'll just include this extra query: What will VIP package give me? I found some posts about it but most of them are for DN NA, INA etc.
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    Rare weapon costume is obtainable from monthly costume package (the 42k cc one) which included all 5 parts of armors and 2 parts of weapons. The weapon is untradeable.
    Epic weapon costume is obtainable from Altea Gacha Box, where you will get Synthetic Epic Weapon Coupon and exchange for the weapon from cash shop according to the season. Currently is Musketeer set. The weapon is untradeable.
    Another type of Epic weapon costume is from the special gacha boxes, eg: Karahan Treasure Box. By same method (get coupon and exchange), the weapons is tradeable by using TW.

    For VIP thing, sorry im poor, F2P player.
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      I see. Thanks a lot for the help.

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      I felt sad when I read the last sentence. Dunno why

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      Sorry about the rare costume part, had not been paying attention on that thing for years.