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is it true that 500% exp is the *max we can get?

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  • is it true that 500% exp is the *max we can get?

    because i read that 400% event exp+200% limitless exp scroll wont stack to become 600%?

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    Hi, I think the answer here is Diminishing returns.

    600/400 = 1.5 where the effective increase is roughly only 150% not 200%.

    I did a test, the 400% exp event actually gives 400%.

    Event 400% EXP:

    Event 400% EXP + 200% Limitless Scroll:

    *Note that this figure is also subjected to more EXP percent because I have 25% max char exp bonus in this char

    Nevertheless, in reference to your question, no, it is not true that 500% EXP is max, however, you are not bound to get 600% as it diminishes due to stacking.

    But then again I am no expert in maths, but I do think this is the proper explanation to this. CMIIW anyone. Thank you.

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    • chibidanil
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      nah. its truly 600% but based on base monster EXP calculation you earn, not after bonus
      to enlighten, heres the calculation from your example. im so lazy so I'll just make it simple

      your base exp is (219.438/6) -> /6 means for 600% exp = 36.573 -> base monster exp

      why 40,230? its +10% from 36.573 (36.573+3.657) = 40,230. prob bonus 10% from guild buff

      as you said 25% max exp bonus, its on +9,143 (completion) -> (36.573 * 25%) = 9.143.25 to be exact

      first example maybe different because on 10% bonus -> from a guild I assume

    • nvLite
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      in that sense, I stand corrected. Thank you.