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1 Server and 1 Channel?

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  • 1 Server and 1 Channel?

    Hi everyone... so i just Returned to the Game and i was shocked to see only 1 server and 8 channel remaining.. i mean... what happened ? yes i know there were accounts that was unable to transfer from Cherrycredits (I was 1 of them).. but seriously.. from 3 servers and 12 channels to 1 server and 8 channels.. again.. what happened?

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    since the sever data transfer from Cherry Credits to Eyedentity Games, ED (new management) decided to unify the 4 previous server into 1 single server, surely to avoid some type of inconvenience in maintaining several servers, but, there sill haves 12 channels like before, that "8 channels" that you say will be updated in future updates

    P.S: surely you are in one of the initial towns, only Saint Haven haves 12 channels while the other only have 8 or less
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      Last time i check, SH has 14 channels before this 11:20 urgent maintenance.

    • kimranjess
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      Yeah.. i was in Prairie town untill the 11:20 urgent maintenance... are there still lot of players..? havent got to SH yet