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  • Ways to save gold?

    Hi guys, newbie here. So I'm looking for ways to save up gold for gear enhancement and mats since it's definitely expensive. Can you please advice me on best ways to get gold other than doing daily and weekly quests. I am definitely willing to invest real money into my char such as cash shops or ???? Though there's a limit on how much I invest in my char. Really depends on options both f2p and p2p Please that would be really helpful for newbies.
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    As a F2P and casual player myself, only tip I could give for new adventurers is the importance of having multiple characters and not underestimating daily tasks.

    Depending on how many characters you are willing to do daily tasks with, you could earn decent gold to cover like a lot of your gearing expenses. Without fail, a character could earn 3,600g per week (700g from dailies and 2,900g from weeklies). With just 3 characters, you could get 10k gold already. Imagine how much more you'll receive if done with even more characters. This is a good thing since accomplishing daily tasks are so quick right now. 20 mins max per character should be enough.

    This is one of the benefits of owning multiple characters. I'm sure other comments and replies will tackle them later. I just want to stress how much a player could already earn with just daily tasks.
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      1st of all i would like to say that gear enhancing now is nothing compared to a yr ago. Scaling it is like from difficulty 10 to 3 (with the exception of Skilla. but well disregard that cause devs has a high chance of modifying its enhance system). And i was told that it was way more difficult the years before.
      This will not be an advice but more like a discussion w/c can help you decide on what to do.
      And this is an advice coming from a solo player so i might miss some things.

      ***Gaming types for me

      Gaming Type 1: Casual

      - playing 1 or 2 chars
      - doing daily and weekly tasks
      - participating on useful events like eye gacha event (involves spending money so can choose not to)

      --> will take around a year or more to catch up and reach standard gears

      Gaming Type 2: Casual + some cash spending - around 3k-5k php monthly ($50-100 US)
      (me when i just started)

      - playing 1 or 2 chars
      - doing daily and weekly tasks
      - participating on useful events like eye gacha event, dnp 1+1, or anythng thats worth it
      - buying cash items and selling at TH (scam boxes, hairstyles, etc)

      --> considering youre still a newbie and still dont know many stuffs and needed time to learn, you will need around 3-4 months to catch up
      --> will depend on how much you are willing to spend and how and where you spend your money
      (i once opened 300 conversion SCAM boxes and got nothing >_<)

      Gaming Type 3: Hardcore
      * The point here is to accumulate earnings from many characters and pour everything to the main char

      - playing many chars as time allows
      - doing daily and weekly tasks on all chars
      - participating on useful events like eye gacha event

      --> you will need around 3-4 months to catch up, learning should be easy due to repetitions

      Gaming Type 4: Whale - money solves all
      * I dont recommend this cause it will only add another cancer to the community
      (depends though if you learn fast and got people to teach you stuffs)

      Gaming Type X:
      * Earning/getting gold from stuffs not allowed by the game.

      - Selling cc items that cant be registered in TH but is sold at a higher rate to players
      - black market stuffs

      --> high risk but high return

      You can mix if you want, up to you

      Things may vary if ever ED will give us another dumb spoon feeding event
      *** Standard Gears ***

      T3 +20 Calypse atm
      Epic costumes and other cash items (latest stats)
      Rare Talismans
      good plates

      - cap crit rates, crit dmg, 90%+ FD, 80-100% elemental

      Once youve catch up to standard gears there will be other ways to earn gold w/o spending money. Providing service or stuffs related to market manipulation are examples.

      So basically it will only be a question if you are willing to complement gaming with money to accelerate item growth or to just take it slow cause you will catch up anyway in the end but with more time needed (that is if the game is still alive at that time :3).

      Im type 2 when i started and took me half a year to catch up (calypse T2+20 at that time) cause i ddnt spend monthly and was scammed by those conversion boxes.

      Once you got the capital there will be events that will give you chance to earn gold w/o spending. Example was the new sun essence event before where i was earning 20k gold an hour from svcing. It was never repeated again though. Now im a solo player earning around 80k - 100k gold a week thru providing service and can reach up to 150k depending on market trend.
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        I've made one excel file before due to boredom in the office,,, errr maybe this could help for your reference how I earn gold in-game. I made this routine after the new patch was implemented this February.

        This routine doesn't consume all the weekly FTG of each character so you have the option to do other things that you like. The idea of my routine came from the guide of Mr. Shovel, I just modify it based on the current patch and my time limit of playing DN. Doing more character make me like a zombie so I do only a handful number of characters I can handle....

        Just tell me if you could view it properly or not.. I'm not much familiar using google docs so please bear with me, I'm quite noob sometime....
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          What difficulty are you running daily quests on your subs?

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          difficulty? assuming you're asking about the lab floor...

          for the 2 subs that use salvage parts / items from medea and calypse box they usually run in both dungeon and FM lab 3, never tried to go higher though... for the remaining 4 subs that use complete T3+20 sets, they usually go to lab 7... but if my time is so limited on a certain day then i run lab lowered by 2, i.e. 1 & 5 with their respective gears because sometimes i need to finish each run of my subs around 2 mins or should be below 3 mins, in order for me to give more playing time on my main like running TN with guild or pub and GDN either with guild or pub also...