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2nd Stat for my talisman?

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  • 2nd Stat for my talisman?

    Ok my CDMG is at 300% right now, so i was thinking should i still stack STR or just get PATTK? Coz PATTK gives more than STR converted to PATTK or should i just keep stacking it?
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    Since your CDMG is already full, might as well use patk 2nd stat, as you mentioned it gives more patk than using STR. The reason some people choose STR is because other than patk, it gives some extra CDMG as well.
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      So what's the best 2nd stat to pump based on char's type (AGI/STR/INT) for talisman?
      If possible please explain the 2nd and 3rd best option as well.
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        Lets assume 50% stat bonus from CM1, which most of the classes have it. Also disclaimer, this is my personal opinion.
        1. PATK/MATK
        2. Crit Dmg
        3. FD/DEF

        For talisman, the 2nd stat atk bonus is 2620 each, while for crit dmg it is 11912 translating to 0.88%. As compared to heraldy with the upper 3rd stat, atk bonus is 2719 and crit dmg is 45522 (3.37%). So from the first sight, I would say talisman get the most of the bonus from PATK than from CDMG.

        A counter argument for this is through the damage calculation, where with assuming 89% crit rate and around 3m PATK, 0.88% gives around 23496 bonus damage, which is much larger than the 2620 atk bonus. However from personal experience, I can reach 300% CDMG with only all CDMG 3rd stat plates, and other sources such as costumes, jades, pets, etc. Hence, rendering the little CDMG bonus from talisman useless. Thus, it is depending on your case to determine what is the best, but I still rank PATK as the top 1 due to (a) you would eventually reach the CDMG cap as mentioned (b) it is much more expensive than ATK 2nd stat.

        FD is the most popular "best stat" of everything in the game, so famous it is now sort of a meme. Doesnt rank this on the afforementioned 2 due to (a) extremely expensive (b) doesnt give much as compared to heraldies. Personal experience, I reached FD cap without using FD 2nd stat talisman, and with some FD plates only. Defense is a surprise candidate and it is worthy to be mentioned, with the common requirement for FDN raids as >60% or higher. Also helps in protecting your golds from repair fees in current patch.

        Now why am I not talking about stat 2nd stat? Still back to the point I reached CDMG and FD cap without stat 2nd stat both in talisman and heraldies. Stat gives a bit of ATK and CDMG/Crit, so it could brings a uniform and balance growth to newbies. But if you are reaching better gears, you would find youself start to have some off balance, or in high end gears, you would reach the CDMG cap without stat bonuses. So in conclusion, it really depends on your current stats and situation that you could determined which one is the best for you.

        TL;DR: Calculated which one gives most gain with your current stat and just use that.

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        I understand now.
        Thank you so much for your helpful guide.