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What Do I Do With All These Spare Stuff?

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  • What Do I Do With All These Spare Stuff?

    So I've been playing for around 2 months right now and was able to equip my main with +20 Calypse 1 and in the process I was able to amass extra Medea 2, Calypse 1 and unique accessories (see image below). I have a 2nd character with +15 Calypse 1 and it's the same scenario.

    I've been wanting to disassemble these for either fissioned crystals or lebrium points but I wanna know if you guys have better suggestions.

    I think there's an option of creating a new character and just transfer the medeas and calypse but that would require a special storage ticket.

    So what are your thoughts?


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    no other option , disassemble those stuffs that not needed anymore


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      Dissemble everything. Use that extra lebrium point for enhancing, or for upgrading lebria heraldy. Get those fission crystal and get some crafting materials from the relic.

      No other choice.
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