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Class Balancing/Re-Revamps, Bug Fixes, and Spin-Off for Machina

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  • Class Balancing/Re-Revamps, Bug Fixes, and Spin-Off for Machina

    Now that ED completed the whole class, making Launcher the last class that is missing from Machina classes,

    They revamp the whole PVE Mechanic,

    Made numerous buffs, nerfs, patches, and revamps to each classes,

    Are they now gonna focus on making a Spin-Off for Machina?, and focus on Complete Class Balancing/Revamps and Class bug fixes on all classes after that?

    Are they gonna fix some bugs that involves trading, mail, transportation, enemy AI mechanic, places, etc.?

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    well first they got the dark lancea to implement before the machina spin-off, then the AGI/ stat revamp, followed by bacchus brothers/ apocalypse nest, red lotus palace and BDN revival, and potentially a wedding system. Might be a bit before machina spin-off but in between patches i think will have plenty of space for class balancing/revamp.


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      DN EU is facing imminent shutdown. Who's to say the same fate won't befall NA and SEA before this year ends?