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Launcher Class in DWC?

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  • Launcher Class in DWC?

    Since Launcher Class was released recently, I would like to know when ED will add a Launcher Class in DWC, as it will be a good opportunity to test out Impactor and Lustre without making any effort of leveling up in PVE then suddenly you messed up your skill build (twice, when you use the free one from level up gift box, resulting in waste) in-order to gain more information about their skill moves and planning for their personal skill-build without needing to use money just to buy a freaking skill reset thing.

    I don't know if ED would even notice this post or something, but anyways thanks for reading this.

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    DWC was always late when it comes to updating the class roster.

    Since Launcher has been released for awhile in KR, I'm pretty sure there are a lot of videos of it on YT. (Protip: Search for vids using Hangul (KR linguistics))