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What to do After reaching level 95

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  • What to do After reaching level 95

    I recently hit level 95 on my bleed phantom. Still not finish the main quest tho. I recently started playing again after many years and im quiet confused on what to do after reaching leve 95. I tried watching some youtube videos but I think they are pretty outdated. Anyone can helped me out?

    Status: All neris equips upgraded to +20, no jades, no talisman, no accessories yet. Im still wondering where can i get those.

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    What to do when you hit max level? Simple!! Gear your character up what else.

    Jades>>> Nest Points
    Talisman>Nightmare Points
    Heraldry>Dungeon Points
    Free Accessories>> check Growth Guide there's a free accessory there by finishing Nest.

    I suggest building your jades first by completing board missions. You will be able to become stronger a lot faster by obtaining Legend jades there if you got lucky.

    Note: All of this suggestions are grinding.

    Hope this helps.
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      What about the equipments?

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      by completing nest in growth guide you can get equipments there and grind more golds for upgrades

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    Check the growth-guide (Book-Icon below map at top-right of your screen)
    you can get fullset Calypse Tier-1 from it (even free lv.95 talisman/jade/heraldry, since Ceberus Beginner Nest got removed.. that is the way to receive starter-gear)

    you can even run Easy-Mode of dungeon/nests to clear that Growth-Guide I think? not sure (also, Golds are from Mission-Board, press L > mission.. receive reward at board and buy items at adventurer david npc near Saint Haven's West-Gate)


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      May i bump this thread? i want to ask should i enhance my gear up to all T2 Callypse or just go for UJades and UTalismans and Heroic Heraldys?

      I think some really geared up vet should give us a clue lol, back then on the old server when my chara was lvl 95 i go make a new chara since idk what to do lol