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Need Help in Completing: Find Hidden Titles!

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  • Need Help in Completing: Find Hidden Titles!

    I need help in clearing the 5th title under the Find Hidden Titles! Does anyone know or have any ideas on how to go about it on this Version of DN SEA. I know that in the past you need the quest from the warrior master in Calderock but since the massive revamps, patches and whatever the quest seems to be not given to new players. Helpful hints are really needed.

    Hidden Titles!

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    It is still the same, I get the quest from the same Warrior npc and die to the orc kim in the sleeper temple.
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      eh, can you share where to do the other titles?
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        The character I played where the quest did not pop out is a Bleed Phantom. Maybe it got a different quest line since its a limited edition char. Oh well I'll try making a new one with a stock character class and see if it pops out.

        @ GXSCC here's the hint for the other Hidden Titles:

        Hound Victim: Get killed by Hound mob. Dungeon: did mine in Raider's Ambush Point but I remember a dungeon that has a group of hounds camped at a location (the one where you take Merchant May's New Dish to test it out). Just make sure the mob name has only Hound in it.

        Stone Victim: Get killed by a blue goblin (sorry forgot its name) Dungeon: did mine in Sanctuary Forest or Forest Sanctuary not too sure. Anyways when I did mine two of them spawned with a couple of orcs and hounds so I have to kill them (orc and hounds) without harming the blue goblins. You need to be patient here since the blue goblins runs away from you a lot and you need to position yourself to receive their attack when they strike. Keeping you HP low before you reach them might help but in my case I just ditched all my equips and keep positioning myself to receive their attacks when they appear to be striking.

        Ball Troll: Get killed by a Troll. Dungeon: did mine in Raider's Ambush Point or anywhere else that might have your basic Troll mob.

        Afraid of Cattles: Get killed by the Minotaur Boss in Sleeper's Temple

        Rocking Tread: Get killed by the Boss in Road of No Return. Careful with these two titles because the Boss must land the killing blow on you. Clearing the mobs may help.

        Killed by Hound Again: Get killed by ARMOURED Hound. Dungeon: did mine in Sanctuary Core. Just like the first one but this time you need the ARMOURED or ARMOR attached to the Hound name.

        The one trouble I had when getting these Titles was that the mobs had terrible aim. I had to position myself well to receive the attack to speed up the weird suicide ^^

        Lastly the title I have trouble with:

        As stated by BananaCredits you need the side quest from Master Warrior Chandler in Calderock that pops out I think around level 20 or 22. I forgot the quest title but its something related to Orc Kim. I think the dungeon is Prayer's Resting Place. Get to part where there is this big black diamond thing and kill all the guards, watch the cut scene, then Orc Kim comes out and let him do you in.

        There is also the option of tagging along with someone with this quest and trying to complete this title and let Orc Kim take you both out ^^

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          Is there any other way to get the lvl 21 quest from Warrior NPC cause im already at Lvl 95 and all the NPC quest are cannot be taken anymore??