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  • About Final Damage

    So if we already have 100% with 15000FD in town
    IF we Have buff + 20%FD It will output DMG 120%FD? or cannot exceed maximum of 100%
    EX:Judge's power loli potion sor/machina buff and passive skill for spinoff class it will deal more DMG than 100% or not
    Thanks for answer

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    FD from buff does stack with FD from gear, though not without some diminishing return. For example:

    100 damage with 0% FD > 120 damage with additional 20% FD buff (20% increment from 100 to 120)
    200 damage with 100% FD > 220 damage with additional 20% FD buff (10% increment from 200 to 220)


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      FD from gear are capped at 100%, but buff ignore this cap and adding flat % into it.

      Meaning if you have 80% FD and you wear FDN neck that gives 15% FD, you will get 80 x 1.15 = 92%. However if you use the buff adding 20%, you will get 92 + 20 = 112% FD.
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        so it mean we can stack FD more than 100% From FD BUFF and PASSIVE skill right? thanks very much guys