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Sunset Cloister Drop Rate Change? - Hidden Patch?

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  • Sunset Cloister Drop Rate Change? - Hidden Patch?

    Am i the only one notices the drop rate have been changed?
    Before the patch 100 tix i can get 10pcs-15pcs of Goddess Box but now seems almost nothing for 100 tix.

    Before i was on easy mode and have lesser drop rate than normal mode and now I am doing normal how come the drop rate change? or I am just unlucky?

    Tickets easy to get if you have CC, could they change the drop rate without telling or is it a bug?

    How is your farming is it the same with mine?

    Thank you!

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    I think its a bad day for you I run many subs around 30-40 tix and got 4-5 box drop .. and those difficulty wont increase the chance rate of dropping box only number of shards/fragments drop increases from my experience I only run the lowest difficulty coz of the goblin event so can kill them all fast without running
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    • lBlakesl
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      thank you for sharing.

      Yeah, i dont know why too but i know that the higher difficulty the higher the chance but is is very ironic that i got more boxes on normal mode than on master mode many times already. i even had 40 runs before i got 1 box , but when i go to normal mode more often i get boxes almost twice as the master mode...

    • BananaCredits
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      RNG is an amazing stuff isnt it?

    • lBlakesl
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      just very nice if you are very lucky ahahaha, and to get the item you want you have to very very lucky, 1 box : 43 chars : 5 parts : number of skils