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Newbie questions on enhancing, farming, jades/talismans.

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  • Newbie questions on enhancing, farming, jades/talismans.

    Hey guys. I have just returned, and I have several questions:

    1. I notice that upgrading from plain Neris to Calypse Tier 3 costs too much gold.
    Is there a way to decrease the amount of gold required for enhancing?

    2. How do people farm nowadays, mainly for enhancing?

    3. Is there any guide that I can read on how to make my jades/talismans stronger? Right now, all my jades/talismans are something which I looted from different dungeons.

    Thanks <3
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    1. No. That was removed about a year ago.
    2. Spend FTG on nests. Then run your mission board (you can have missions appear here).
    3. Spend the Nest points obtained in nest runs on Jade pouches. Run dungeons and do dungeon missions on the board for dungeon points to get heraldy pouches. Run Catastrophe daily and Nightmare dungeons weekly to get points for talisman pouches.

    All those pouches can be obtained in Saints at Mocha and another Priestess of Darkness.


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      To add to Zengeroff 's answers, Board Missions is the best way to farm Points and Gold these days.
      And some tips: you can get Tier 1 Calypse by completing the Growth Guide missions (as well as some starter goodies) to save a bit of gold.
      You can also try and just save your Nightmare Points until the Nightmare Shop changes get patched to SEA as you can purchase a Rare Talisman Generator (get a random Rare Grade Talisman with a chance to get a 3rd stat) for 100k NM Points.


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        Thank you very much, you two. Very helpful! <3
        Also, yeah. Apparently, doing growth guide > Nest is cheaper to get Legend. So I guess I'll just have to get that and then proceed to upgrading from there.
        It's good that these nests are soloable in easy mode using Neris +10 sets. I've saved a bucket!

        Additional questions:

        4. After obtaining those Jade pouches and getting the jades that I want, how do I proceed further? Is there a way to upgrade those jades? If so, where do I farm?

        5. Same question for talismans - after getting them, how do I upgrade those? (Although if there will be an upcoming patch in Nightmare shop, I guess I'll jsut wait for that and then just proceed when that arrives.

        6. For the Heraldry/Talisman Expansion item from Cash shop, if I understand that correctly, it gives me more slot to put talismans/heraldries. After it expires, will the effect of those additional heraldries/talismans still remain?

        7. Any ideas on where get I get good starting accessories, aside from Berlin's Chiron and the accessories that these Easy mode nests give?

        8. It's weird. I do not see pubs looking for nest parties anymore. Where did they go?

        Thanks! <3
        DN SEA
        Harmonicah (Physician)
        Kaaalm (Soul Eater)


        • Zengeroff
          Zengeroff commented
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          4. You can break down unique and legendary jades in the extractor for Jade powders to trade them for legendary Jade pouches, then you can enhance them to flawless L grade gems with another add-on, you can get both in the Nest points shop. You can also enhance the gems themselves in Red Lotus palace.
          5. The highest talismans really are the blue rare grade with the second stat on them. There are special talisman events that come around like the element talisman from dark banquet and right now there's a special one you can get from running Loffy's Treasure Legendia event. You earn seasonal points and spend them for the talisman and enhance it there. There's no enhancing the blue rare grade talismans, though you can roll their second stats with a talisman controller, you have to craft those though, or just get lucky in a pouch and get the second stat you want on the talismans.
          6.Correct, you can expand talismans and Heraldy with a cash item but once it expires the effects go away. Thankfully you can buy them at the mission board shop with Blood, Sweat and Tears.
          7. Try for the 5th step versions of accessories in nests and try and get into a GDN run. You can also buy FDN items in the trade house.
          8. Power creep and elitism. Simply put, most people don't want tag alongs. They want to run with other, well established characters.

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        4. After getting good Jades, you can slowly farm up Victory Jades (non-server storageable, Legend-grade) by opening more Mysterious Dragon Jade Boxes and disassembling those you do not need. Disassembling drops a random amount of Victory Jade Powder used to buy a Victory Jade Generator (P.S. Forgot the item name, its the one that costs 1900 Jade Powders)
        (NOTE: You can only disassemble Unique Grade and higher grade Dragon Jades, you'll get an Epic Victory Pouch if you roll one so better sell that for a small amount of Gold)
        Protip: Save your Jade Powders for now as in the next patch (probably), you can choose to get a more specific Jade (Defensive, Attack and Element-Conversion) with more specific stats (Physical, Defensive, Mixed).
        If RNGsus is good to you, and you got a Victory Jade from the box, you can upgrade and reroll its stats using the Flawless Victory Jade Generator (190 Jade Powder each). Just make sure that the Jade has an affinity to your class (Magical/Physical/Mixed)

        6. If the Expansion expires, your equipped Herald/Talis will be locked (you cannot get them back to your inventory unless you purchase another Expansion) and be useless.
        Tip: You can buy Heraldry Expansion from the BST shop, ao if you run Board Missions regularly, you wont worry about locked Heraldries.

        7. You can get Unique Grade accessories by completing Growth Guide Missions. Another source is are the Nest drop Accessories. Most of the questions about where to get a specific items can be answered by visiting Growth Guide-> Equipment Collection Tab

        8. Most people only run Nests with party for Missions and/or Coop/Alliance Board Quests. Nests have been adjusted according to the party size (more people= more boss damage and HP; drop rate is now not affected by party size except for Raids).


        • Skyros
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          Addition: For Jades, you can try to replace your Jades if you get better ones and use them for the meantime until you get Victory Jades.

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        Zengeroff Skyros @everyone:

        Thank you guys. I appreciate these info! The idea of getting better equips, talismans, heraldries, and jades, all at the same time, is very overwhelming considering that the shops/materials are all over the place.

        More questions:

        9. For Remote Dungeon, there are times wherein I can do that one which gives purple box, which then gives Legendary Jade Pouch or 10,000-50,000 Crystal Points. The catch tho is that it requires me to use Gold Dragon Geraint as a hero, which costs 15,000 gold.
        Is it worth it to spend 15k for the chance to get the pouch? This may all be RNG but how often does that thing give the legendary jade pouch?

        10. Is this progression for talisman correct?
        - Go to Priestess Mocha and spend Nightmare Points for Blue/Rare Talismans. Aim to complete all Blue talismans. Better if with 3rd stats.
        - Then go to Adventurer Guild Master and use Seasonal Points to buy and upgrade 1 Epic Talismans.

        11. Can I equip both Guardian Honed and Guardian Sharp (Epic) talismans at the same time?

        12. I went through the rankings and inspected some people. Where do Ancient Talismans drop? (Because it appears that there are only two epic talismans out there, the guardian and that ancient thing).

        13. Is this progression for jades correct?
        - Go to Priest Mocha and spend Nest Points for Jade Pouches. Open, and then attempt to complete Unique and/or Legend Jades.
        - Disassemble all jades that you do not need for Jade Powders.
        - After getting enough Jade Powders, go to Priest Mocha (Nest Points) and buy the pouch which gives Legendary (Victory) Jades (the one that costs 1900 Jade Powders).
        - Then after getting Victory Jades, buy (from the same NPC) the "Transcending Dragon Jade Converter" item (the one that costs 90 jade powders) to convert Victory Jades to Flawless Victory Jades.
        - Enhance the Flawless Victory Jades.

        14. For Heraldries, jsut go to Priestess Mocha > Stage/Dungeon Points to buy heraldry pouch. From there, it's just a matter of getting the best third stats possible. Correct?

        15. I just realised that with all the information about talismans/jades above, nowhere will I ever go to Berlin and craft something anymore. Did I miss anything?

        16. Btw, how do I craft Skilla? I do not see it in Berlin

        Thank you again! <3@
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          9. Not really worth, might as well send 3 lv20 Unique heroes for gambling 1% success rate. In short, the rates are:
          10k crystal point = 70%
          50k crystal point = 20%
          100k crystal point = 7%
          Legendary pouch (heraldy/dragon jade) = 3%

          10. I would advise to save up your nightmare point for now, as Epic talisman and Nightmare revamp is incoming. The Victory talisman pouch from nightmare store is kinda meh and hardly getting a good one. Might as well save some money and buy from TH.
          About the seasonal point one, yes go do Lagendia everyday and get the epic Guardian talisman from Guild Master NPC.

          11. No.

          12. Ancient/Elemental talisman is also an event talisman (like Guardian), from event Dark Banquet. Might need to wait for some months before it comes back (probably 4 months).

          13. Yes and kinda incorrect in some parts. Prioritizes on completing full L jades first before enhancing. Spend all powder on the 1990 legendary victory jade pouch thingy and only after you had full flawless, you enhancing your attack jades.

          14. Better dont use dungeon point for heraldy, save them and buy Hope Flower instead (for resu in nests). Heraldies (Champion version) are kinda cheap on the TH, even with the good/best 3rd stat. Hero heraldies otherwise, I suggest to just buy Fatal and Limitation, clean version from TH, also just cost like couple thousands gold.

          15. Champion dragon jade and talisman is still crafted from Berlin. Keep in mind that Victory version are not server storage-able (aka not shareable with other characters). If you have more than one character, I suggest to craft the Champion dragon jade (unique only, legend very expensive) and talismans (can self craft but kinda RNG, or buy from TH instead).

          16. Upgrade from Calypse Tier3 +20. Use the same converter that upgrade the Calypse tier.
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