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    Need an advice, I have +10 skilla and sub weaps skilla, with +2 skilla armors and complete Flawless Ljade. Should I buy a dream jade? or make my armors +10 first? Any opinions? suggestions?
    Character: Barbarian

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    dont buy dj yet, barbie dj animation sucks. and besides dj price is dropping every day so no need to be rush.
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      I wont recommend buying DJs now though. It costs a lot for the meantime and there will be a lot of changes for DJ acquisition (low chance to get from Sunset Cloister, Gold cost reduced to 1kg) so unless a pro Barbie says that the cost compensates for the boost it would be financially unwise. And as I can see it Barb DJ is quite underwhelming (and the cast animation takes like 2 seconds to fully cast)

      Maybe you can spend that 200-300kg on other stuff (like FD Heraldries, Accessories, Cash Items etc.) that could boost your DPS output better. IMO, that's a lot of Gold to pay for a single item.
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        also he can give me that 200-300kg if he doesn't want to enhance. kek

        anyways, this is a good reply to him.

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      Thanks for the info guys, for future reference of others that wanted to ask the same question... based on the info gathered:
      - It would be best to gear up first than prioritize dream jade since its price drop as days goes by, and probably in future patches.
      - Enhance gear first, your dream jade skill would deal more damage if you have higher stats after all.
      - Consider looking the power spike of your character's dream jade, if its worth to prioritize (some says there are OP dream jade)

      Also,I just found out that barbarian dream jade has a bug right now: (Link attached)

      glad I asked here first, I wanted to insta-buy dream jade after the patch because of cool animation.. . hahaha ... thank you for the info ♥ ♥ ♥