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  • About FTG from Hot Spring


    I read from patchnote as it said "The existing hot spring fatigue could not be exceeded by more than 3600 per day, but this patch has been modified to achieve a maximum of 10800 per day."
    Is this happening?
    I went there and only got 1k FTG, not even 3k+ FTG.
    Am I doing it wrong, or do I have to do something else?

    Thanks for your insight.
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    copy & paste patchnote
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      For some reason Korean Dragon Nest seems to get additional benefits that ED doesn't seem to want to give us. Such as +1-+9 Skila enhancement costs 0 gold, +11-20 Skila gold cost is half the cost that we currently have, Talisman expansion in BST store, and much better freebies from events. My guess this hotspring thing is part of the same trend, The 10800 might be a KDN exclusive thing but I hope not.


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        its a copy-paste patch note without checking whats the content inside
        my guess is, this is a bug few months ago on DN KR when daily 3.6k FTG implemented, hotspring cant give 1k FTG because of daily limit and they fixed it with this word

        same with this line of word
        2-17. Reduced Mission Acquisition Limits and Wait Times after Refresh Following Mission Deletion

        because this one has been implemented on last month but they dont understand about it
        I can bet that they will put patch note about heroic heraldry for 75k stage points on next month patch note, even though its already been applied on this month

        so yeah, tl;dr, patch note abit messed up every month