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Valiant vs Skilla (gloves & shoes)

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  • Valiant vs Skilla (gloves & shoes)

    +10 Valiant gloves with +10 Valiant shoes VS +10 Skilla gloves with +10 Skilla shoes,
    Ignoring the gold cost and defense stats, Which gives more dmg?
    Don't know how to calculate that +8% set bonus attack for valiant so I dont know how to weigh the strengths of those items

    *Giving up on goddess equip

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    Since only raw stats are involved, have you ever heard of dngearsim?


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      Valiant gloves+shoes is better, at +10 they gives more stats than skila +10. Also that +8% means your attack power increases by 8% just like the warrior/kali buff so it's not skill damage just raw stats. So once you equip Valiant gloves + shoes you should see your town attack increase by a good amount


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        Side note though, Valiant increases only the Max Attk stat value, so in-game that 8% increase isn't really 8% since your damage rolls between the Min-Max values. I would like to say that the value increase is expected to be about half of the given values but that's not how RNG works.

        (Unless yer a healer, since Heal values are calculated using the Max Attk stat, this wouldn't matter much)