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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers on Current Contents!

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  • Frequently Asked Questions & Answers on Current Contents!

    Fan Art: アドリーン

    • To all viewers, you may use the short link to let the new adventurers know this thread: -LINK-
    • Excuse me for the lengthy title, There are newly adventurers who don't know what FAQ nor IGN means.
    • I ask everyone to slightly refrain from using in game acronym or slang words in this thread.
    • I want a healthy discussion. Be kind to others and don't fight. Anyone violating this, I will call the attention of a Forum Admin by flagging your message and shut you up.
    • I recommend all newly adventurers to read the common terms used in Dragon Nest so that you are informed in encountering such terms in game.

    • This thread is mostly for information about the current contents in SEA. But you may discuss old contents.
    • The information presented is a collection of frequently asked questions about the game contents and Dragon Nest related stuffs.
    • The lists are under construction.
    • This thread will be updated from time to time. I will add or move or remove the contents and information. There are links that may contain external sources.
    • This thread can serve as Question & Answer. If anything bothering you about the current contents, then ask right away!
    • I will only put prevailing info links from informative threads made sooner that satisfies the criteria and not too many links for less clutter.
    • I rarely do guides unless needed, there are forumers or players who are knowledgeable and have better experience in making guides and threads. They are presented with their links.
    • If you're looking for information regarding the latest current contents, you should visit the latest patch notes at the main site links. And you may ask questions here if anything bothering you about the contents.
    • If you wish to question contents not yet released,check the future content criteria and click to visit my future content threads and make your query there.
    • All forumers or players who have knowledge about the game contents are encouraged to help, share, and answer interesting questions made except for those who are asking very obvious ignorant questions. Let them learn how to read and understand.
    • Be sure to stay updated to this thread for new important information.


    A. Current FAQ about the latest update

    B. Basic Knowledge

    C. Gameplay

    D. Gears & Grind

    E. Cash Items

    F. System

    G. Safety and Precautions

    A. Current FAQ about the latest update

    Q.1: I can't log in to my account
    Use your registered E-mail account in ED that is not a Username but E-mail with If still not working, then you may send a ticket at 1:1 Inquiry.

    Q.2: Where to locate Lv95 dungeons? And what is the fastest dungeon to reach Lv95 starting from Lv93?
    A: Merca's Heart, Just simply read the patch notes. And Chiron Beach dungeon is the fastest.

    Q.3: What's inside Lv95 achievement rewards box? Also same rewards from 1 - 93?
    Unlimited oblivion contract, ​​​​​Job change scroll, Hero EXP potion. And the same rewards except to max 93 before and moved to max 95.

    Q.4: What to do when I reach Lv95 as a new player? Where to farm gold? I want to become RICH!
    Originally posted by BlazingSkies View Post
    A. For a newbie, do your effort by completing the following:

    1. Find an active and helpful Guild that can guide you.
    2. Doing Daily Quest.
    3. Performing Daily Tasks, Growth Guide and Achievements.
    4. Enter Nightmare Stage and accumulate points for possible NM points discount.
    5. Enter Nests to test your limits!
    6. Be informed with the latest events and content updates.

    B. Find a Goal!

    You want to:

    1. Max Hero, Mercenary, Epic Pet Level? Then you have to grind dungeons!!

    2. Buy your character cash items/costumes for looks or stats? You need income you earned from [A] or Use your Wallet!

    3. Want to get the most powerful equipment ever? Then Grind or Wallet!!

    4. Finish a Raid Nest? Teamwork!!!
    Q.5: Why Magnifying glass not giving gold? I farmed 9000 accounts and bought 9000 magnifying glass at Trading House! *facepalm
    A: You ignorant twat, have you even visited the notices, news, and updates before?

    Announcement by Mantou at Cherry Credits news forum dated August 15, 2017 5:19 PM
    In lieu of Cherry Credits’ upcoming service transfer to Eyedentity Games, it is with deepest regret that we will be ending the Bonus Magnifyque system event on 21 Aug, 2359HRS GMT+8. Players are encouraged to use all outstanding magnifying glasses before the deadline, so as to qualify for the rewards.

    Q.6 Why I can't use DNP to buy costumes and other cash items? Petishen to bring back DNP or I quit!
    A: Shut up! You should read the new DNP policy of ED before you complain wholeheartedly!

    Announcement by Mantou at Cherry Credits news forum dated August 23, 2017 1:35 PM

    A new DNP Policy is in the horizon on 7 September onwards upon the successful service transfer from Cherry Credits to Eyedentity Games! Keep your eyes peeled for what the DNP Policy’s Update has in store for you with the following details:

    1) Option to trade with DNP inside the [Trading House] will be removed

    2) DNP Vouchers will no longer be sold in the [Cash Shop]

    3) Cash Items purchasable via DNP will only be limited to the following after service transfer on 7 September:

    A. Under Costume Tabs: Accessories
    - All other tab section items will not be purchasable via DNP

    B. Under Functional Tab: Potions, Guild, Farm
    - All other tab section items will not be purchasable via DNP

    C. Cash Items under the tab: Style

    Players are recommended to make full use of their DNP to purchase currently DNP-purchasable cash item before Cash Shop closure on the 28th Aug 1245HRS GMT+8.

    Rest assured that the DNP purchase limitation will be lifted at a later date.

    As DNP will be obtainable as Rewards through Monthly In-Game Events, fret not and continue to look out for more updates as Eyedentity Games continues their efforts in serving your needs with more exciting changes!

    Q.7: I have a gazillion of requests to change the system of Dragon Nest, like no gender lock, marriage system, housing, and a toilet near Berlin! Will ED hear my prayers?
    A: I don't even know if ED will hear your suggestions, but the only thing that can give you an idea based on your queries is to visit and stay tuned in my future content threads especially Developer K's update, because he is the developer who mostly will announce such changes in Dragon Nest.

    Q.8: Why I can't get the rewards in the achievement tab?
    A: As of the current version: It's bugged.

    Q.9: I'm farming dark cubes, is theme park bug fixed?
    A: Look, it's not technically a bug mate, It's exploitation!

    Quote from ZeroYami (EU Moderator)
    You're able to get some rewards before officially reaching the scoring screen in dungeons, but let's be fair, most people run Circus for Darkness Cubes and Circus Points.

    I really hope they will "fix" this exploit which allows players to pick up Darkness Cubes before the scoring screen has shown (they can simply be added in to the drop list for the reward chest given in the end). It's one of the things that has really bothered me being ignored for this long. What's the point in limiting other cubes, but not the Darkness Cube? Everyone knows a stage should be cleared instead of being able to avoid the entry limit, exploitation, and you should be ashamed if you use this method to farm, despite it being facilitated in the game or not. The entry limits are there for a reason.

    Q.9.1: So it's like we're abusing the system?
    A: More like the system allows it. Just because something is possible, it doesn't always mean it should actually be that way.

    To accurately answer your query, The system STILL allow this method in DNSEA latest version.
    I've confirmed this on other servers, so FAR, only DNSEA has this.

    Q.10: What items can TRADE WARRANTY be of use?
    A: Qoute from Barftub (CC Forumer)

    The general rule of thumb is that if an item can be CASH storageable, it is most likely to be able to be trade warrantied.
    That item will be permanently bound to that specific character, unless they change it in a future patch.

    Announcement by Mantou at Cherry Credits news forum dated July 4,2016 7:48 PM

    Not Usable
    - All non Cash Items – Eg. Jades, Plates, Talisman
    - Wing / Tail / Decal / Spirit before the 5th July 2016 Patch
    - All Cash Weapons / Off Hand Costume(Note: Exception to certain Special Epic Costume weapons that can be cash storageable)
    - Duration Cash Costumes

    - Permanent Cash Helm Costume
    - Permanent Cash Upper Body Costume
    - Permanent Cash Lower Body Costume
    - Permanent Cash Gloves Costume
    - Permanent Cash Shoes Costume
    - Permanent Cash One Piece Costume
    - Newly released Wing / Tail / Decal / Spirit after the 5th July 2016 Patch

    All other cash items not mentioned in the list above are assumed Not - Usable.
    Eg. Mount Medallions and Certain Event Cash Items etc.

    Q.11: Can we use voice packs mod in DNSEA? I want Japanese voices!
    A: This question is taboo! Use it at your own risk! If the moderators/game masters/staffs have found out, they might banned you!

    Q.12: Why 2nd boss in Distorted Zone not dropping loots?
    A: It is intended every start of new cap. The same from previous cap. If I were you, anticipate Slayer mode, it's the best and fun stage ever!

    Q.13: Can we do enhancement transfer on lv95 equipment?
    A: No, you can't transfer anymore. It only applies to Lv93 below equipment that are eligible for transfer.

    Q.14: Bring back ''Day of Destiny'' and other soundtracks on Saint Haven!
    A: Quote from Verbena (SEA Moderator)

    Eyedentity Games aren't legally allowed to redistribute nor use that song, as the copyright holders are Cherry Credits. Only Cherry Credits can make decisions over the musical compositions by Erutan and Aaron Walz, as they personally commissioned them.

    Q.15: If I'm not sure my character is Returned hero but I login in to the account and found out it's not, do I have to wait another 30 days?
    A: YES if you logged in TOWN and standing there and NO if you're only in the selection screen.

    Q.16: I'm from Vietnam and I can't access Dragon Nest. Why?
    A: Vietnam IP Ban. PM Tasha 2nd Twitch TV Live Stream has addressed that this issue is beyond control in their management and developing. And it causes conflicts on other company that handles DN in that country.

    Q.17: If you start your question with "WHEN" from any contents not released/changed yet.
    A: EXPECT a reply that:

    We don't know exactly when the release. We can only speculate / predict / forecast this kind of questions. Only EYEDENTITY know the releases. If you're hesitant in asking, why not send a ticket at 1:1 inquiry and hoping you'll get a reply from them?

    Q.18 : I cannot deal any damage from PVE and PVP! Help!
    A: This is a very common problem since long ago, even in other servers have this. In order to resolve this problem, visit the thread "NO DAMAGE REPORT". You can access it by browsing down here in SECTION F - SYSTEM - IN GAME BUGS - and click the topic OR visiting Forum - IN GAME BUG REPORT and find the topic.

    Once you reported there, expect it to get resolved within a day or so.

    If you're an old CC player, you must be aware that NO DAMAGE REPORT has been there back at CC forum, now we're also have in ED thread started by Bannister (SEA/NA Moderator).

    And the rest will be under the criteria below. *Can click the title to visit.

    B. Basic Knowledge
    I believe the following criteria are commonly asked every time in game.
    C. Gameplay
    Strategies, Skills, Mechanics, and Power!
    • Nests
    • Raids
    • PvP
    D. Gears and Grind
    Getting Stronger and Wealthier!
    • Farming
    E. Cash Items
    Fashion or Stats?
    • Spirit Growth
    • Expansions
    • Boxes
    F. System
    Only notable and important errors found.
    G. Safety and Precautions
    Evil things exist in game! Beware!
    • Scammers' scum tricks
    • Account Safety
    H. Future Contents
    The future of Dragon Nest!
    More Criteria will Add Soon!
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    9/7/17 - Thread Created and Added Criteria.
    9/8/17 - Added Intro Background to make the thread meaningful <3
    9/9/17 - Added SEA patch notes in Archive.
    9/11/17 - Added Future Contents Criteria & Link to Official Support page by ED team.
    9/12/17 - Fixed a lot of duplicate links and errors
    9/14/17 - Added Criteria: Current FAQ about the latest update
    9/26/17 - Improved and Removed some Q & A in Section A and moved some Thread Links to Criteria.
    10/19/17 - Added Previous KDN Update in Archive
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      Reserved for space


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        You may start discussing here. I will need help from fellow forumers and players to supply all the criteria I made.
        You may share info that you made from a certain thread, CC forum, or your experience. Thank You.
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          Right now Looking for >>leveling guides!


          1. Dragon Nest Lore Talk by Trud
          2. [COMPILATION] All Costumes Released in DNSEA by BabyKuri

          1. Lv95 skill and gear simulators by Spacem

          2. All classes wiki by DNSEA wikia
          3. All class mastery 3 preview by FringeShow
          4. Lv 95 New dungeons by R0ixy Dragony
          5. Making Yourself Stronger With Debuffs! by Xenocho

          1. Glossary of terms by DNSEA wikia
          2. Stats Cap by me
          3. Equipment look by me

          1. Future Contents Information & Discussion by me
          2. Future Cash Items Compilation & Discussion by me
          3. Dragon Nest Merchandise & Shake it up reward by me
          4. Berlin Simulator by Riuga
          5. Level Achievement award bug
          6. Random Tips/Useful Things for Forum: Sort Order, Signature Sizes, Old Root Layout by Vahr
          7. Dragon Nest Discord by SEA Community

          1. Dragon Nest Discord by EU Community
          2. No Damage Bug Report by Admin

          1. Hero Level Guide by BabyKuri
          2. PM Tasha 2nd live stream by BabyKuri

          1. Manual Patch List by Verbena

          1. Beginner Guide: Daily Task by BabyKuri
          2. Maximize Damage Potential: Elemental Conversion Jade by nvLite
          3. Equipment Progression by me

          1. MDSD 101: A Simple Guide For Magical Design Synthesis Device by nvLite


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            While expecting leveling guides for SEA.

            Here's one impressive guide from NA forum:

            Leveling guide 1-93. The same dungeon, only difference is that dungeons' name are NA terms. You may refer to the picture to get familiar.

            Leveling to 95, I recommend going to Kairon Beach in a party. Much better if have Returned Hero buff.

            You may watch this video for more info: -LINK-
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              Guess I'll be the first to ask.

              Do all of the Class Mastery 3 instant skills have no yellow outline indicator on their icons (like those on previous class mastery instant skills and enhanced skills)? I checked Inqui's CM3 upon reaching level cap and Consecration EX Instant do not have that. Just curious if it is intended or not.
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              • BlazingSkies
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                Hi, though I haven't check on other classes yet, I'm sure it is not intended.

              • Arkhaez
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                Leveled my Light Fury and Ring Strike EX Instant doesn't have that yellow indicator as well. Guess it's really the same for everyone.

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              This should be pinned
              Click image for larger version

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                For those who watched PM Tasha's Twitch Live Stream yesterday.

                Here's some stuffs(probably :3) that she showed us!

                Well you can simply check DN Korea facebook for more pics xD.
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                  Stats Cap
                  Level Critical Critical Damage Final Damage
                  94 794,640 1,021,020 11,689
                  95 937,755 1,348,924 14,944

                  Final Damage

                  You may compare both table below.

                  A table of 500, made by Xenocho.

                  A table of 100

                  Originally posted by BabyKuri View Post
                  Hero Level Stat Bonus Lv 1-75
                  Hero Lv Atk HP Crit Crit Dmg Final Dmg
                  2 50 200 100 150
                  3 100 300 150 225
                  4 150 400 200 300 25
                  5 200 500 250 375 25
                  6 250 600 300 450 25
                  7 300 700 350 525 25
                  8 350 800 400 600 25
                  9 400 900 450 675 50
                  10 450 1,000 500 750 50
                  11 500 1,200 600 900 50
                  12 550 1,400 700 1,050 50
                  13 600 1,600 800 1,200 50
                  14 650 1,800 900 1,350 50
                  15 700 2,000 1,000 1,500 50
                  16 750 2,200 1,100 1,650 50
                  17 800 2,400 1,200 1,800 50
                  18 850 2,600 1,300 1,950 50
                  19 900 2,800 1,400 2,100 50
                  20 950 3,000 1,500 2,250 100
                  21 1,000 3,300 1,650 2,475 100
                  22 1,050 3,600 1,800 2,700 100
                  23 1,100 3,900 1,950 2,925 100
                  24 1,150 4,200 2,100 3,150 100
                  25 1,200 4,500 2,250 3,375 100
                  26 1,250 4,800 2,400 3,600 100
                  27 1,300 5,100 2,550 3,825 100
                  28 1,350 5,400 2,700 4,050 100
                  29 1,400 5,700 2,850 4,275 150
                  30 1,450 6,000 3,000 4,500 150
                  31 1,500 6,400 3,200 4,800 150
                  32 1,550 6,800 3,400 5,100 150
                  33 1,600 7,200 3,600 5,400 150
                  34 1,650 7,600 3,800 5,700 150
                  35 1,700 8,000 4,000 6,000 150
                  36 1,750 8,400 4,200 6,300 150
                  37 1,800 8,800 4,400 6,600 150
                  38 1,850 9,200 4,600 6,900 150
                  39 1,900 9,600 4,800 7,200 200
                  40 1,950 10,000 5,000 7,500 200
                  41 2,000 10,600 5,300 7,950 200
                  42 2,050 11,200 5,600 8,400 200
                  43 2,100 11,800 5,900 8,850 200
                  44 2,150 12,400 6,200 9,300 200
                  45 2,200 13,000 6,500 9,750 200
                  46 2,250 13,600 6,800 10,200 200
                  47 2,300 14,200 7,100 10,650 200
                  48 2,350 14,800 7,400 11,100 200
                  49 2,400 15,400 7,700 11,550 200
                  50 2,450 16,000 8,000 12,000 250
                  51 2,520 16,800 8,400 12,600 250
                  52 2,600 17,600 8,800 13,200 250
                  53 2,680 18,400 9,200 13,800 250
                  54 2,760 19,200 9,600 14,400 250
                  55 2,840 20,000 10,000 15,000 275
                  56 2,920 20,800 10,400 15,600 275
                  57 3,000 21,600 10,800 16,200 275
                  58 3,080 22,400 11,200 16,800 275
                  59 3,160 23,200 11,600 17,400 275
                  60 3,240 24,000 12,000 18,000 300
                  61 3,350 24,800 12,400 18,600 300
                  62 3,460 25,600 12,800 19,200 300
                  63 3,570 26,400 13,200 19,800 300
                  64 3,680 27,200 13,600 20,400 300
                  65 3,790 28,000 14,000 21,000 325
                  66 3,900 28,800 14,400 21,600 325
                  67 4,010 29,600 14,800 22,200 325
                  68 4,120 30,400 15,200 22,800 325
                  69 4,230 31,200 15,600 23,400 325
                  70 4,340 32,000 16,000 24,000 350
                  71 4,514 33,280 16,640 24,960 350
                  72 4,694 34,611 17,306 25,958 350
                  73 4,882 35,996 17,998 26,997 350
                  74 5,077 37,435 18,718 28,077 350
                  75 5,280 38,933 19,466 29,200 400
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                    Thank you for the thread, but I am waiting for gold farming tips in DN


                    • BlazingSkies
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                      You're welcome, there will be many ways to earn gold when every 95 cap contents are released in SEA. Maybe you may check my future content thread for more info.

                    • iMhyzt
                      iMhyzt commented
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                      As per Cap, patch and update gold farming would depend on what the current cap needs.
                      The good thing about this is that since the 80 cap, there are a lot of ways to farm gold.
                      The only problem is patience because you would really need to finish most contents and yes the pattern will last until you give up on that.

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                    there should be a commend button or +rep for forumers here in this forum. Thanks for the guides this helpful for me since I'm a returning player from lvl60 era. tho my goal is to play pure pvp only haha


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                      I won't add some contents for awhile like achievements, apprentice, and boxes because some are bugged. Not only this , there are many bugs in the latest version. I hope it'll get fixed soon.


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                        Hi sir,
                        kindly note that all warriors EX skill that decrease CD of a skill in 2nd job skills is not working:

                        i would like to report a game bug in two of destroyer skills and one of barbarian skills so far

                        first Destroyer :

                        1 - Flying swing skill CoolDown supposed to be 6 seconds (as per skill's EX Description) but now its 13 Seconds
                        2 - Ring Bomb skill CoolDown supposed to be 11 seconds (as per skill's EX Description) but now its 22 seconds

                        second Barbarian :

                        1 - Barbarian Circle Swing Ex's CD should be 12 second but now its 22 seconds

                        N.B. The above mentioned skills was working perfectly on 7th of September be 100% sure that something happened during 8th of September patch and please take into consideration that i did waste my lvl 95 reward box unlimited oblivion to test the bug out...would be grateful if u may compensate it or return the box to lvl 94.
                        and kindly note that those are the most usefull skills for both classes (Barbarian and Destroyer) so please take that into consideration too.

                        Thank you


                        • BlazingSkies
                          BlazingSkies commented
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                          Ok then, noted.