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[Linux] Running Dragon Nest using Wine

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  • [Linux] Running Dragon Nest using Wine

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    After some effort and hours of researching... I finally managed to run DragonNest with almost non issues on a Linux distro (ArchLinux, to be more precise), but i believe that it could work on another distros with some tweaks. Actually, i'm playing on humble laptop using NVIDIA/Intel hybrid graphics. I'm willing to share this achievement to DN community because i found topics about these attempts, but virtually no "Official Help" or step-by-step tutorial. So, here we go:

    1) Using your distro package manager, download wine-staging package (NOT PlayonLinux or the common wine branch... I've tried it before and run into several issues that made me give up). Another problem here is that some versions would not work. Actually i'm using the version 2.21-1 but *some* older versions should work.

    2) Create a 32bit environment (Usually typing WINEARCH=win32 wineboot). If it ask to install wine_gecko/wine_mono, you can skip it.

    3) Using your distro package manager, download Winetricks. It's necessary to download some dependencies like the Directx stuff

    4) Type winecfg in your distro console. Go to Staging and check the "Enable CSMT for better graphic performance" and "Enable VAAPI as backend for DXVA2 GPU Decoding". It will bring better performance.

    5) Using your distro package manager, make sure to install some intermediary dependencies before the winetricks step: libtxc_dxtn (32 bits), openal (32bits), libpulse (32bits), mpg123 (32bits) and gst-plugins-base-libs (32bits)

    6) Here comes the tricky step: The winetricks dependencies. What should i install to make the Client work? Unfortunally, i have dozens of Windows stuff using the same wine folder (Office and so on), so i have dependencies that DN dont need. So, for sake of convenience, i'll share the command line to install everything and later, i'll update the guide with only the necessary:

    winetricks calibri cambria comctl32ocx comctl32 comdlg32ocx consolas corefonts dbghelp directx9 droid gdiplus ie8 lucida msls32 msxml6 ole32 opensymbol riched20 tabctl32 tahoma unifont vcrun2008 vcrun2010 winhttp xmllite
    OR you can install manually using the GUI (You should install the zenity package). Select the "Select the default Wine Prefix" -> "Install a Windows DLL or component" (For directx, vcrun, gdiplus, ie8 and so on) and "Install a font" (For calibri, cambria, tahoma, corefonts, lucida and so on)

    7) Download the Official Client Downloader or the Direct Full Link. MAKE sure that folder path DO NOT have any whitespaces... For caution, unzip everything on drive root (C:\ or whatever). Under wine, the folder is generally occult under the /home/ partition (~/.wine/drive_c)

    8) Make sure to have your GPU drivers installed and working. For hybrid NVIDIA graphics (my case), have sure to install the Bumblebee stuff and the Primus package. The respective wiki guide:

    9) VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure that all DN files are under the correct file permissions for READ/WRITE/EXECUTE. The client or the XIGN will CRASH without the right permissions. Here is a good tutorial to use chmod and chown commands:


    Click image for larger version  Name:	2017-12-25-042556_1599x899_scrot.png Views:	1 Size:	1,001.5 KB ID:	114101

    Click image for larger version  Name:	2017-12-25-042853_1599x882_scrot.png Views:	1 Size:	829.7 KB ID:	114100

    Obviously, this tutorial is a simple draft. I'll update later (Now i can't because Christmas and New Year) with more images, better formatting and instructions using common Linux distros like Ubuntu or Fedora and workarounds to some issues in game (Like glitches and weird mouse behaviours that must occur).

    Report any issues.

    Merry Christmas

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    Well, I think there's no where in the rules said you can't run the game in Wine or another OS emulator. However if you happen to have technical issues I would have zero clue about how to proceed.


    • ChironBR
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      This is the whole purpose of this tutorial. I love Linux and hate dual boot only to play DN...

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    Have you have any issues so far? I believe the heaviest performance hit is on:
    1) 8-man Nest
    2) PVP Free for all

    We all hate Scammers and Hackers. Click [HERE] to learn more about their methods.


    • ChironBR
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      Nothing serious yet. Regarding performance, there's a few NVIDIA flags that i would try. I'll update this tutorial asap

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    Thumbs up for Arch pride; also my OS of choice.


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      ArchLinux = Best Linux

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    congrats to you bro

    the company that im working also uses linux too, its OpenSuse.. though im too lazy enough to run DN on it, since i installed a windows xp on my computer xD


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      i know it amost 2 years now put can you make a update guide or videos on dn for linux ?


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        Hello everyone. I download Dragon Nest launcher, and running on Lutris 6.21-4 (Proton fork) 32 bit wineprefix. I get status "Completed !!!" in launcher and click on "Game start". Ok, game is started, but XIGNCODE after the start returns an error E0010009. Then the game crashes((
        How to fix this?

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Launcher loading.png
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Name:	Download Completed.png
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Name:	XIGNCODE bar.png
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Name:	XIGNCODE error.png
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