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Forest Dragon Nest Guide (Stage 2 to Dragon)

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  • Forest Dragon Nest Guide (Stage 2 to Dragon)

    Forest Dragon Nest Stage 2

    Fixed time mech(2:40, 5:00, 8:00, 10:40, 13:00,16:00, 18:40, 21:30).
    -2.40, 10.40 (Blue bar dps check)
    -5:00, 13:00 (Night fall last for 3min)
    -8:00, 16:00 (Back to day light)

    *Time might delay due to boss' skills lasting.
    **Do not enter the Spring at Day Light if possible.
    ***Extremely hard to clear when it's 21:30 due to poison long casting and 8 vines appear.

    Blue Bar DPS Check (2:40, 10:40, 18:40):
    -Boss will stomp before enter DPS check, poison debuff is applied to everyone while blue bar lasts.
    -60s to clear.
    -Have 4 vines around attacking, vines deal damages to blue bar too, make sure to stick with the boss
    -Can ignore the poison if you are confident with the team DPS, otherwise there's only 2 WAYS to cure the debuff to continue DPS.
    -Enter the Spring (Emergency detoxification)
    -Destroy Blue Flower (Randomly appears in S2, not recommended to rely on)

    **Emergency detoxification: Spring cures poison debuff, but it makes you falls into "Spring Circulation" that may annoy you to DPS for whole stage.
    *Please read "About Spring" for more details about "Spring Circulation".

    During night fall (5:00, 13:00):
    -A Blue Flower will be spawned after night falls, members whos on "Spring Buff" can cure it away first.
    -Nachtflower appears and you have to control it's HP.
    -Stay away from Nachtflower Area otherwise the entrance will close.
    -Boss' attack mode becomes simple and dull (Get your greatest firepower to blast it to the moon).
    -Boss will use flash bomb here, kindly turn your head back to avoid .
    -Have announcement before flash bomb casts (Beeeep!).

    *Please read "About Nachtflower" for more details.

    About Spring:
    -Will get a total of 2 buffs and 1 debuff after taking.
    -Blue Buff (20s): Cures poison, allows you to enter Nachtflower Area without taking any damages from Nachtflower as the buff lasts.
    -Red Buff (60s): Nothing special but when it comes to 0s, you have to enter Spring again to refresh the circulation.
    -Binding Debuff (30s): Results in failing to maintain Spring Circulation on time, 0% movement speed for 30s.
    -Spring Circulation: Once you enter Spring, you will have to enter it again after 80s (Blue Buff 20s, Red Buff 60s), that's the reason why we don't use it if possible.

    Ways to get out from Spring Circulation:
    -Destroy Blue Flower to get cure.
    -Leave it becomes Binding Debuff and cure with skills [Relieve, Cure Relic, Chakra Cure, Vaporize (B) etc.]
    -Abyss Walker's normal Chakra Cure can clear Red Buff (Not sure Light Fury's Chakra Cure EX can or not)

    About Nachtflower:
    -Appears after night falls.
    -Members who control Natchflower must get Spring Blue Buff before entering Nachtflower Area.
    -Members who control Nachtflower are better leaving there at the last 5~3s of Blue Buff, and also make sure Nachtflower's HP below 50% before leaving.
    -Assign 4 members to take turn is better since the total length of Buffs is 80s (Blue 20s, Red 60s).
    -Killing Nachtflower will gain it a faster speed on HP recovery after it revives.
    -Black Rain starts when Nachtflower's HP bar is full.

    *Warriors, Bringers, Defensio and BP are strongly recommended to do this job as they have self cure.

    Daylight boss skill (not all, have to explore more):
    -Triple Slam(Poison circle ground AoE)
    -Poison Mist
    -Poison Breathe
    -Poison Ballsssss
    -Poison Circle

    ***RBG Flowers will also spawn in S2, as what you did in S1, destroy them ASAP.

    *Credit to Rave for some translations.
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    Forest Dragon Nest Stage 3

    -Start from 2 Hirendel's Sword Dancer: Ravina from CN S1.
    -Have to kill both at the same time or 10s penalty after killing one of it.
    -Road fork (Recommended to split into 2 teams for both sides).
    -Left side: Blue Gorilla(Prof. K mold) from DQ 3rd map.
    -Right side: Dog Head(Balapa mold) from IDN S2.
    -Both of them deal lightning attack, Dog Head deals fire attack too.
    -Damage is quite high, 2~3m hp per hit.
    -Don't need to kill Blue Gorilla and Dog Head at the same time.
    -Both sides spawn spirits that will cause AoE attack after killing it, just stay away from it, basically no problem.
    -Have announce before spirit spawns.
    -Main boss of S3: Ancient City's Guardian: golem from DQ 4th map.
    -Have to jump into the arena at the same time after killing Prof. K and Balapa, otherwise attack reduce 75% until all members reached.
    -Lot of spirits will spawn here, always take care of yourself.
    -Things need to be care are stomp and the explosion after suction spin.

    *Not very hard if you have enough HP and defence.
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      Forest Dragon Nest Dragon Stage

      -80% Branch Mech start(Low/High/Mysterious)
      -71% Break ball on time
      -55% Branch Mech stop, everyone back to dragon arena
      -50% Ghoul Mode, members that stay outside Dragon Arena instant die
      -RBG flowers randomly appear after Ghoul Mode, no announce, everyone please look at the map
      -40% Branch Mech starts again
      -10% Ghoul Mode, members that stay outside Dragon Arena instant die
      -Flowers no longer appear after Ghoul Mode ends

      Red/Blue bar mech: Dragon slams its claws on ground (left to right).
      -Red bar absorb (IDN S2).
      -Blue bar dps check (8s time).
      -Breaking red bar or fail to clear blue bar both result in receive damages and 30s skill cd +50% debuff.

      Branch Mech: (80% starts and 55% ends ; 40% starts and 15% ends).
      -Generally 2 parts are needed to take care - Low and High Branch, Mysterious Branch acts as a key to return Dragon arena.

      -Low Branch kill the mushrooms: Produces Blue Mushrooms and Yellow Mushrooms
      -Have announcement for both mushrooms are growing and stop growing.
      -The Mushroom Man can go in Mysterious Branch to heal himself (if needed) after mushrooms stop growing but have to go back as fast as possible.
      -Blue Mushroom - 20% of max hp, Yellow Mushrooms instant die.
      -Will have 20 Blue Mushrooms inside Low Branch and random number of Yellow Mushrooms.
      -Blue Mushroom - You can only i-frame to dodge the explosion attack.
      -Yellow Mushroom - You can run away (make sure far enough) or i-frame the mushrooms explosion after killing it.
      -Exceeding Blue Mushrooms (around 10) will cause mp dry out and silent for 20s.

      *i-frame: Invincible state.
      ***A PRO Mushroom Man is needed to keep the party safe, recommended LF since can heal himself.

      -Mysterious Branch the exit of mushroom room: 80% will have announcement shows "Mushrooms are growing quickly after hearing Casmina's Songs".
      -Mushroom Man has to read the lyrics before entering Low Branch.
      -Combinations of color have 6 types (RGB / RBG / BGR / BRG / GRB / GBR).
      -Lyrics color shows in different terms, here's the keywords:
      Azure Sky - BGR
      Deep Blue Lake - BRG
      Rose Garden - RBG
      Magnificent Ruby Light - RGB
      Garden's Emerald Sheen - GBR
      Green Tree - GRB
      -Flowers in Mysterious Branch must follow the color order to break.
      -Successfully killing all flowers in the right order heals up 100% hp and mp.
      -Failing to kill flowers in the right order will bind the person inside for 60s OR until someone did the mech correctly.

      -High Branch kill the tree: Tree Lord "Tortree" appears here, just kill it no doubt.
      -Have announcement before it appear "Casmina has summoned Poisonous Tortree"(?).
      -Except the person stay in Low Branch, everyone will get poisoned until Tree Lord is dead.
      -A 40s speed buff (Action/Movement/CD reduce) will be applied after killing it.

      Break ball Mech: 71% start, Dragon will slam the ground with its RIGHT claw, you have to break the ball when the bar reaches second phase.
      -Break the ball that has the opposite color with the floor shown.(blur floor-red ball, red floor-blue ball)
      -Might starts at the same time with High/Low Branch Mech and randomly appears until end stage.

      Ghoul Mode : 50%, 10% starts, Mushroom Man gets ready back to stage! (55% and 15% Casmina's Song stop)
      -A Purple Spirit will start chasing someone, split to see who's on aggro and stay away from teammates so it won't affect others running the mech.
      -Aggro might change from one to another person, please beware.
      -4 flowers will appear at 3,6,9,12 o'clock and 5 Blue Spirit will spawn after killing it, total of 20 Blue Spirit.
      -Must kill all Blue Spirit otherwise can't attack the tree at the middle.
      -1 Purple Spirit will spawn every 20s.
      -Team wipe if fail to kill the tree in 80s.

      When Dragon Flies
      -Everyone runs to the bridge and leave 1 person stay at dragon arena (prefer Saint or LF).
      -Dragon Dive and Stomp before landing, try to eat once so you know can tank or not. (JK

      Normal Spike and Tail Spike
      -Dragon slams the ground with both claws.
      (Without blue light on claws) - Normal spike.
      (With blue light on claws) - Tail spike.
      -Normal spike will shows spike area (please look at the floor).
      -Tail spike just stay at front claws DPS.
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        Notice: I do not own the original guide. What I've done is only rearrange and translate.

        大家好我是一位熱愛遊俠的小玩家因為EYE放棄了影舞,所以我就只好轉成了風行來拓荒卻意外的發現現在風行蠻好玩Der 有朝一日再來寫篇風行者的PVE心得文 以上廢話不多說惹 ✯2018/7/14通關+文字攻略影片✯ 影片22分27秒處的影片字幕位置沒處理好,建議開啟YOUTUBE字幕觀看補充字幕 ﹒‧°∴°☆.﹒‧°∴°﹒☆°.﹒‧°∴°☆.﹒‧°∴°☆


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          Forest Dragon Nest Stage 1

          Split into 3 zones, only 1 zone is activated at a time (Flowers will only spawn at the activated zone).
          -(Eg. Once you enter Zone B, flower will only spawn in B, Zone A will not spawn flowers anymore)
          -Zone A – Green Flower
          -Zone B – Green and Blue Flower
          -Zone C – Blue and Red Flower

          *Please read "About Flowers" for more details.

          About Flowers:
          Stage 1: Appears in respective areas, will announce what color.
          Stage 2: Only spawns in the day, only announces appearance (no mention color)
          Dragon: Spawns after 50% HP (No announcements, look out for it yourself)

          *Another flower will spawn in 10s after killing one.

          Green Flower: A 12s buff is applied to a person after destroyed.
          -Gives 50% attack
          -Infect other members at a low rate
          -Deals damages to surrounding units (teammates/boss)
          -(High damage to boss but low damage to teammates, just stick to boss dps)

          Blue Flower: A 4s cure cyclone is produced after destroyed.
          -Cure any debuff in FDN
          -Better destroy it ASAP if lethal poison is activated

          Red Flower: A buff is applied in 5s after destroyed.
          -HP recover for 30% (Gradually)
          -Super Armour

          Zone A
          -Make sure to destroy Green Flower ASAP or whole party will get debuffed.
          -Stay away from Zone B and avoid entering it.

          *Do not enter Zone B before Zone A boss near X1 HP bar.
          ***Make sure all flowers in Zone A is destroyed before entering Zone B.

          Zone B
          -When Zone A boss reaches x1 HP bar OR when anyone enters Zone B, whole party will receive "lethal poison" debuff.
          -(Deduct x% HP every 2 secs, increases over time, max 50%), can only be cured by destroying Blue flower in Zone B.
          -(Flower will spawn in 10s after entering Zone B).
          -The rest only enters Zone B when hint appears “Blue Flower has appeared”.
          -Destroy the blue flower when whole party gathers around it.
          -Once cleansed of poison, leave 1 person in Zone B to destroy Green Flowers and check for Blue Flower appear, the rest go back to kill Zone A boss.
          -Flower spawn sequence in Zone B (Green -> Blue -> Green -> Blue…cycle).
          -Poison will appear every 30s, so that the person stay in Zone B needs to clear the Green Flowers ASAP to spawn the blue one.

          *Recommended to wait for Blue Flower spawns and destroy it before entering Zone C.

          Zone C
          -When Zone B boss reaches x1 HP bar, boss will become invincible till Zone C boss reaches x1 HP bar as well.
          -Flower Spawn Sequence in Zone C (Red -> Blue -> Red -> Blue…cycle).
          -Same thing as Zone B, destroy the flower ASAP.
          -Beware of Mushroom Bomb in Zone C (May 1-Hit KO).

          *Credit to Yoon for the translation


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            For Stage 1 reference, credit to Hestilar Devantus.



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                We finally cleared it!
                Click image for larger version

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