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Tips for Enhancement 20% Success Rate Boost Event

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  • Tips for Enhancement 20% Success Rate Boost Event


    Conclusion: ONLY DURING 20% EVENT BUFF

    for Tier 1 and Tier 2, success rate is 100% from +1 to +10. +11 96%, +12 90%, +13 85%, +14 80%, +15 75%, +16 71% +17 66%, +18 61%, +19 56%, +20 53%.
    Penalty begins from +11.
    I believe you can start using jellies from +14 and above for both tier1 and tier2. You WILL experience drop, but gold and lebrium usage not that heavy, maybe use jellies on weapons but not on gloves and shoes.
    Doing so for all seven parts will save you 1834 jellies.
    *** Success rate is obtained from July Patch Notes, all values times 1.2
    *** Jelly amount is obtained from Jeezus facebook post on 19th June. (tier1 jelly wrong number btw but not very significant)

    for Tier 3, success rate is 96% from +1 to +20 except +11 which is 100% but requires gdn color crystals.
    Penalty begins from +7.
    96% is good enough, below +11 there's no need to use jellies. (+7+8+9+10 no jellies)
    Doing so for all seven parts will save you around 3.7k jellies, while not increasing gold and lebrium usage, averagely speaking, according to my simulation.
    Above +11 please use jellies, you don't want to risk the crystals which can take weeks to farm. Also gold and lebrium usage are heavy.
    *** Both success rate and jelly amount are obtained from September Patch Notes.
    *** Enhancement gold fee and lebrium points usage can be obtained from Jeezus facebook post on 19th June.
    *** Thanks Jeezus for making this analysis possible.
    *** I don't want to provide link because posting links will require reviews by moderator before it gets posted.

    P.S. Sorry for being a litte annoying if you notice me often.
    For more info, check out the original post on General Discussion.
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    very useful, just what I needed yay!


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      I tried enhancing my T3 +8 weap without jelly , failed and goes back to +3 .. not really recommended not to use jelly......


      • Knee
        Knee commented
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        I only go to +10 without jelly on armors, weaps eats too much lebrium.

      • Faraway
        Faraway commented
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        Yes, Knee is right, you might want to start using jellies early on T3 weapons if you think you need lebrium more than you need jellies.
        The chance of getting to +10 without level drop is about 85% though. (from+7 to +10, 96%^4=84.935%)

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      Just buy 20x Christmas box , wait for january 2 , and you're done XD


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        merry christmas y'all~~