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Gust Dragon Nest Full Guide (Part 3)

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  • Gust Dragon Nest Full Guide (Part 3)

    Confused lightning :
    -basically just a tracking lightning with confused debuff
    -confused debuff lasts for few seconds only
    -recommended to hold A+D to or W+S to walk in the same direction
    -might trigger after 90% cut scene, players should always beware of it
    -refer fig.28
    Click image for larger version

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    Tornado :
    -purple light with wind surrounding can be seen
    -refer fig. 32
    Click image for larger version

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    Main mechanics :
    100% enter stage :
    -recommended fast runner such as Dark Avenger/Paladin to run after looting s3 rewards
    -recommended to cast a small heal before running
    -once the runner reaches, everyone will be teleported
    -will see dragon is attacking the dam, the orange bar indicates the dam's HP
    -dragon will stops his attack at 98%
    -refer fig. 33
    ***do not over dps to 80% because you cannot go to click npc if the portal is not opened
    Click image for larger version

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    90% cutscene :
    -watch movie
    -usually will cast confused lightning after this, usually...

    80%/50% pig or assassin :
    -all npcs will appear during 90% cutscene, pig and assassin are involved in this mech
    -players should always keep an eye on boss's HP and be ready to see which npc is talking
    -assassin go right (1 o'clock)
    -a barrier will be cast by the assassin after clicking him and everyone should gather inside to evade boss's attack (kinda like Vengeance Storm idk)
    -pig go left (11 o'clock)
    -dragon will keep chasing the agroed member (should always be the tanker but in fact ML/smasher has high agro too idk why)
    -the agroed member has to keep running and lure to where the pig spawn (12 o'clock or 6 o'clock)
    -both npc appear spot will always be 12/6, depends on where the dragon staying at, they will appear at the opposite side such as : dragon at 12, npc spawn 6
    -if the dragon positioned at middle.....GAMBLE TIME (JK, kindly stop dps and see where's the assassin spawned)
    -recommended to be ready before the npc chat box is appeared
    -recommended to let fast runner to do the job
    -refer fig. 34 - fig. 37
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    About servants and ToH :
    -servants appeared during 90% cutscene too, those cute kitten
    -there's 5 kitten at 5 different spots surouding the arena
    -servants build up Tent of Healing and recovers player's hp by 20% every 5 seconds
    -a notice, "Servant is down" will show when one of them is fallen
    -a notice, "The tent of healing has subsided" will appear when all 5 servants had fallen, ToH buff disabled
    -share the same portal with pig/assassin npc clicking (11 o'clock/1 o'clock)
    -there's a few ways to click :
    1) count them and click before ToH subsided
    -not easy to do in this way since players are very focused during dps, but if you manage to control everything very well, it's a good choice
    2) wait for subsided and click all together
    -this is what we usually do, but healers have to make sure big heals are ready in case any accident happens
    3) click at 70%/30% dps check
    -this way is kinda exploration method because it depends on team dps, might only have 1 servant down by 70% if dps is high
    -healers sense has to be very good as they have to take care on the clicker as well
    -recommended to let fast runner or healer to do this job
    -recommended to cast small heal before going in
    -refer fig. 38 and fig. 39
    -portal location refer fig. 35
    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    70&/30% free dps :
    -dragon attacks the dam again
    -stops attack at 65%/25%
    -refer fig. 33

    40% cutscene :
    -dragon shows his beautiful wings
    -they're useless

    Energy of storm :
    -an orb is summoned, will suck everyone inside to it and explodes after 20s
    -tankable with iframe/reduce damage receive skills (any warrior willing to try? appreciated)
    -heals nearby players 70% HP after destroyed
    -refer fig. 40
    Click image for larger version

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    Spikes :
    -spikes are summoned after every palm attack after 40%
    -might instant kill if stacked
    -refer fig. 41
    Click image for larger version

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    Tracking tornado :
    -tornado summoned will keep chasing on the agroed member (DDN dragon mark)
    -players should beware that tornado lasts for quite a long time, tanker might not be able to provoke dragon is agroed so take care yourself
    -refer fig. 42
    Click image for larger version

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    Grr mech :
    -dragon chat box "I will give you credit if you can handle this!" appears
    -usually trigger around 35%
    -might not trigger at all due to over dps
    -everyone has to gather for reduce damage buffs or you may also cast iframe skills to avoid getting damage and knock down
    -usually gather at dragon head
    -refer fig. 43
    Click image for larger version

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    10% Tent of Healing disabled :
    -dragon chat box "You should take this more seriously." appears and knock back everyone
    -kill the dragon as fast as possible
    -refer fig. 44
    Click image for larger version

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    **Screenshots credits to SpeedColie as I didn't record any video recently. Had been busying irl so it's kinda late to make a guide actually. But still, hope everyone enjoys the game!
    **References and videos you should take a look , credit to Hestilar Devantus
    All you need to know in Gust Dragon Nest part 1 - 4
    Unfortunately I couldn't upload the post with any links as the admin never approved.