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Maximizing Damage Potential: Elemental Conversion Jades

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    lite so ill assume that for those with elemental attacks like salaena or inquisitor. they should be using jade that boost magic att% instead of using elemental jades then? since they will sort of contradict and decrease their dmg output. am i right to say that?


    • Xenocho
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      They don't contradict/decrease output. It is simply less efficient when the multiplications are applied.

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    henlo i just wanna ask something here. So my character(sal) has 1.3m magic attack and 96% elem fire. since i have 4 U elem attack jades, i bought 1 m atk% to test this out. According to this guide, my output should be higher if i equip the magic attck % jade. however, it did the opposite. I was dealing 1b-1.1b fireball with all 4 elem attack jade but with 3 elem + 1 matk, I was only dealing 800m-950b per fireball. thoughts?

    I did this test on golem and made sure no buff aside from cm2 was there (ignored burning hand values as well, obvs)


    • nvLite
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      I hope you read the notes I have above that it is a theoretical example. The decision on whether to go AP or EP depends on your current gear.

      " According to this guide, my output should be higher if i equip the magic attck % jade" kindly point out this part as I think I need to note somewhere to it.

      You should still calculate which stat would be better for you to increase or invest.
      I have linked to Remmy's Thread for a more detailed application on the computation.

    • Jirokun
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      Sorry for replying late;
      Xenocho yes, was sure they were same.
      Also, hmmmm I see I see. Now that I think of it, every class still has different passives and stuffs, it is best to themselves. still a very good general guide tho TY~

    • Nimmienaticz
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      btw, just to share ~
      my sb can do more dmg if i use 4matk jades
      i tried 3m+1L = lower by 0.55% from actual
      2m+2L = lower by .65% from actual
      1m+3L = 0.45% from actual

      those stuffs are really small but you will notice them if you use your char more often. (grinding nests)