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Make make the new Tails/Wings/Decal Server Storageable and TW-able

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  • Make make the new Tails/Wings/Decal Server Storageable and TW-able

    Just recently I had some friends, including myself, obtain atleast one part of the set through altea gachas. A few of them decided to sell them because they had no use for them (complete costume and gears) but to our avail they were not TW-able or even server storageable.

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    Use Trade Warranty from the cash shop to make it tradeable.
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    • o0byren0o
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      Sadly it isn’t TW-able, hence the post

    • darkb1ader
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      If you're asking them to make a non TW-able item TW-able then good luck to that. (It would be like asking clouds to rain MONEY.)
      Anyways, if you really are persistent to make it TW-able, I believe you should file a 1:1 ticket and add it as a suggestion.
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    • Baloonsie
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      For me it's more like a bug because all the previous epic accessories (wing,tail,decal) from Altea can be placed in Cash Storage and can use Trade Warranty, and if they did change this status for the Wedding accessories then they will make a statement about it (or they probably forgot to because they're ED)