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Suggestion for Majesty's Class Mastery III Revamp

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  • Suggestion for Majesty's Class Mastery III Revamp

    Good day!

    Every majesty players know that switch gravity has 2 instant skill namely, Class Mastery III and Awakened Passive Teleport. Skill rotation wise I have always used Class mastery III after Gravity Ascension. Skill rotation will be a mess now that dream jade has arrived at sea server, but for more efficiency I suggest changing Class Mastery III from switch gravity inst. to inst. black hole since there is still Awakened passive teleport for switch gravity to be cast instantly. And before dream jade arrived I hardly use Black Hole for bosses, only when skills are on cooldown. Also, blackhole's gravity ball distance is quite far and when gravity trap is used it must be cast perfectly to include Black hole's gravity ball.
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    I don't aggree with your suggestion, your suggestion is stupid. Class mastery III is very good and it doesn't need to change. U just doesn't know how to timing your skill and which instant skill that is usefull on every conditions. If u focus on your main try to learn on how to use it properly. I am also using majesty but as 3rd main character.


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      there are other useless skill with majesty to focus on AKA gravity rush