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Blocking player scammer/troll

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  • Blocking player scammer/troll

    i see that it is easy to make and delete characters, i think some people are using their sub character/s to scam and troll.

    so can you please make a unique code/number for each and every account?
    and attach the code/number to every character of that account?
    and when we block player we input the unique code of their account, every character from that account is block from me/you?

    can you make that? pls?

    SEA: oniswan

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    Knowing ED, maybe it'll take 2-3 years for them to implenent that feature, or much shorter if you're relatives with the CEO of the company, or if we trace their HQ/Main Branch and commence a raid/rally/protest in it, or give them funds, so they could have a motivation to do it, I guess?

    Ignoring them is a better alternative, responding to their baits/insults/etc. would only make them target you (just like how adult teens bully kids).

    And about the scamming... I really can't help you with that, since there were already guides to avoid being scammed, even if there's no other methods to avoid it, at least prepare for the worst, knowing that any games would prone in scamming. If trading scam is the problem, TH is actually the safest one, when it comes with members and group, be wary and strict next time, and when it comes with carry servicing, make sure to get info on servicers first to determine which one is trustworthy, getting scammed in that part is unavoidable though, so prepare for worst case scenario. Never be too hurry when it comes with non-TH trading.

    I suck at giving advice, I sincerely apolgize

    I still don't understand how people find fun playing PVE...
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      If they start doing this from the first place then it would be much easier.
      New games usually have this kind of feature whereby there's 2 names, account name and character name.
      Account name is basically like your surname and character name is your first name.

      Problem with implementing it now is they might or will screw up their entire database if done incorrectly.