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    I'd like to suggest ways on making the game more eventful. We all know that the game has seasonal events in-game and forums but these are just additions to keep dull moments to a minimum. And so, this thread is born.

    First, I would want to suggest weekly-long forum events. Starts and ends after every tuesday maintenance.

    What kind of event, you ask? Something like:
    • lore-related quiz; Normally I would say an "EYEdentification" one and keep dropping hints to the correct answer per day until a few number of players win.
    • guess the NPC; Players will guess, yup, the NPC. The host will either provide cropped pictures of an NPC until few players guess it correctly. Everyday, either a new part of the cropped picture is revealed or written info about it.

    ​​Forum activity up
    player morale up

    Players are known to cry a lot if they lose
    ​​​​​more thinking

    Second, In-game events. This one can be spontaneous. No need to announce this on fb or forum. It's better to be random so the audience is random.
    • Run with the GM. GM will simply hold a raid or a nest run with conditions, or challenges like time limits or no deaths (example will br like gm being a nuisance troll instead of helping. think of Arasnida)
    • Hide and Seek. Very common event, I will skip explaining this.

    Player morale up
    Fun factor up

    gm will be bombarded with questions while showing presence

    As for rewards, I dont know. Maybe a fare amount of Lapis and a grubby key for weekly forum rewards. It's not like a few grubby keys per week can destroy the cash shop.
    In-game reward would depend on the event's difficulty.


    *I'm not sure if several threads like this were already submitted but here it is.
    **Yea, I dont have anything to do right now.

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    DN IS DYING. Your suggestion will be ignored here. They only want to profit from cash players. ^^


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