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  • Game Exit and Chat

    Its not only one suggestion so might as well sum up to one thread.

    1. Disconnection - can we remove the disconnection when we leave a desk a bit outside town and on cash shop? it's kinda annoying.

    1.2 also I also want to add suggestion regarding disconnection , please make the client go back to the title/login screen if (unfortunately) the player goes disconnected because it's annoying to reopen the launcher again and watch irene walks and the skippable-cinematic intro then logging in then choosing character it take so much time to get back.

    2. Please add the exit to area when on dungeon so players won't go back to town if the user choose the wrong difficulty, wrong dungeon map or cleared a quest on the dungeon half-way to the boss.

    3. please add warp on Calderock Village.. I had a hard time understanding what warp is for until I reached saint haven.

    4. Please consider adding a filter on chat, what I mean on this.. is to separate the chats on the chat window. something like this, Area / Party / Whisper / Guild / World(Trade chat)

    the reason for the chat was I always missed out some chats because all chats are on the same tab window.. the world chat are way to many.. the world chat have a large volume of messages .. its not a flood its just too many players are using it..and that cause my guild chats faded a way in a blink.

    PS: I'm new both forums and the game in general so I there might be suggestion here that posted before me.. I don't have time to go through all of the threads please forgive If I posted old suggestions.

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    Goodluck with that
    forum admin is dead even though the game is still kicking (always overly crowded with bots lolies)
    [GM]Loren only come here for an event only, while [PM]Lisa only act as "kanbanmusume".
    Dont gave up, your suggestions might reach Intern-Kun even if you got automatic respond when you send it to them via 1:1.
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      EYE-san please notice this thread. I actually notice that the forum is kinda ghost town now.. thanks for informing me though..I don't have a faith in 1:1.