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Things that will make me spend way more money on this game

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  • Things that will make me spend way more money on this game

    1. A "No Stats" option for all Costumes, at a greatly reduced price. I'm not sure why Costumes have stats to begin with, but it's weird.

    2. Hairstyles, dyes, eyes, etc. bound to Account rather than a single Character. I like to make Alts for virtually no reason. If I've already paid money to for a cosmetic item, I should not have to pay money again for the same cosmetic item on an Alt.

    3. Release a Dark Avenger costume set. Seriously, why is this the only one not available in the Cash Shop?

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    1. Costume have stats to appeal to players who choose functionality over appearance (like me).

    2. Both hair dye and eye color are purchasable from TH at a fairly cheap price (thanks to people opening Gacha boxes).

    3. Because Dark Avenger was the first spin-off class. Back then, they haven't thought of selling his transformation as costumes for other Warriors.

    Your first two suggestions are highly contradictory to your claim. How will you spend that much more money when you ask for "no stat costume with greatly reduced price" and "cosmetic items that can be shared with alts without you needing to buy them again"?


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      1. Neat. Doesn't mean they couldn't or shouldn't cater to those of us who feel like we're "Pay-2-Win" when we buy a cosmetic item that also has +40 Strength.

      2. That only covers two of the things mentioned.

      3. All the more reason to post a suggestion for it.

      Buying more than nothing (As at present) is an indisputable increase, thus there is no contradiction.

      Lastly, your counterpoints are...pointless? You are looking at it with a "We can only have this or that" mentality, ignoring that a "Both" option could be both possible and profitable, nor would it detract from the experience of other players, and therefore have contributed nothing meaningful to the discussion in any way, shape, or form. You've come to argue for the sake of arguing. I won't indulge any such similar responses.