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This game is way too easy

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  • This game is way too easy

    The primary issue I have with this game after playing for a week or two is this: TOO EASY! I'm NOT A BABY!
    Master difficulty is usually a joke, and the game won't let me go ahead to next area because I'm "not strong enough" (level too low)
    Everything before level 95 is a joke and it forces you to level up before you can access anything that might be a challenge.

    every dungeon should have many more difficulty ranges: easy, normal, hard, master, grandmaster, abyss.
    abyss difficulty should be the 95 version of every dungeon (yes, every dungeon should have a 95 version)

    easy 1x (for toddlers that enjoy current difficulty of master)
    normal 2x (slightly harder than current master)
    hard should be 3x or higher of current master.
    master should be 5x-10x current master.
    grandmaster 25x current master.
    abyss scale everything into 95 range.

    XP scale:
    easy 1x
    normal 1.5x
    hard 2x
    master 3x
    grandmaster 4x
    abyss heroXP

    additionally, the level requirements to proceed to next areas should be reduced, and the difficulty modes of all except abyss should be available as soon as arriving to that zone.
    "Recommended level 70" should not mean "REQUIRED LEVEL 70"... Let me fukin suicide if that is what will happen there, stop treating me like a baby stuck in easy mode.

    XP gain should be amplified for higher difficulty by enough to prevent leveling a character being a grind when it is too easy on the hardest mode in the hardest area. How is it that I can go to the most difficult option at any area and find it to be amazingly easy and it still takes forever to level up enough to go to the next area? At all stages of the game people should find at least one option that is too difficult for them, leaving desire to become stronger. Currently the game is so mind numbingly easy for the first 90 levels the only motivation would be to get to the end-game, so all your focus is on leveling up as fast as possible and the game won't even allow you to go ahead to dungeons that might give some tiny challenge, you are stuck in easy mode for the majority of the game. Seriously WTF? I remember a long time ago when I played this game it had some challenges along the way to level cap but now everything before 95 is easy mode, WHY IS EVERYTHING EASY MODE?

    please add higher difficulty options for dungeons that allow good players to progress XP faster and offer them some challenge.
    please also add abyss difficulty to all dungeons so we don't just do the same 5 ones over and over again.
    please play dark souls at least 1 time ever and tell me what is wrong with Dragon Nest 1~94 in comparison.

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    You think Dark Souls is hard.

    Go play Risen and tell me how you get along lol.

    As far as DN is concerned, if you think it's too easy, go run Sunset Cloister abyss and that'll change your mind.

    If everything you're running is a pushover, you're not running harder content.


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      ok, on my next new character I will go to sunset cloister instead of infinitely grinding easy mode, thank you for unlocking it ahead of time instead of level-gating everything into baby-land adventure until I reach 95.
      do you see the problem?

      It is easy mode, so just spend eternity to level to 95 so that you can find a challenge somewhere hidden in the game at the very end, and if you want to play a new class just play easy mode forever until one is 95 so you can have some challenge finally. New people don't care one bit about some level 95 dungeon they care about what they are playing through to get there. People like me on a new character are in both camps, I already know what is waiting at the end but want some challenge early on too. How can you say if your character is doing good anywhere outside of the point in the game where something is actually posing any kind of threat to you? You can't, you just have to grind until 95 before the game starts. So at least have higher difficulty options to make that go faster for people that know what they are doing.

      Early in the game there is nothing to aspire to. You can upgrade equipment, but why even bother doing that? You could optimize in many ways, but it's a waste of time because everything is so insanely easy even if you only equip whatever junk you find along the way. You don't even have to do that half the time. You could ignore crest, dragon gems, talismans, enhancements, and half your skills - then leave all equipment 10~20 levels behind current bracket and the game on Master difficulty is still EASY MODE! Seriously, WTF?

      More people know about Dark Souls than Risen, the point is clear. DN is an easy mode grindfest until 95, with simple ways to fix it. This game once had higher difficulty modes, but always had strict level-gating making you grind before reaching any challenge. Grind should be to surpass a challenge, not to reach it. Somewhere from the last time I played a long time ago it loses the good part and keeps the bad. 2 difficulty modes and Master is easy mode. DN is good at 95 and tedious before then, where 100% of all new players are playing the game. My friend quit at level 20 something because the game was too easy, minotaur nest should be hard but it isn't at all, and there is nothing to achieve in an easy game that anyone can win. I can't just say to grind forever and the game will get harder eventually, people are motivated to grind to defeat something that is difficult, die to something and return later stronger than before, not just imagine that there is something somewhere that is possibly difficult. The way this game is made you tell someone in early levels you are fighting things that are really hard they will probably think you just suck at the game, because there is no indication for the first 90 levels that the game will ever become even slightly difficult. Until the end you can't optimize anything other than 'clear time' if there is no game feedback to punish bad choices by occasionally killing you or forcing you into lower difficulty, all of the benfits of making your build improved are imaginary until you grind forever to reach the level cap and can actually die for once.

      Does this concept of people not being level 95 make any sense to you? The game even has some incentive to have multiple characters level 95. Try to go through 1~94 on a new account without the 250% bonus and tell me it's a fun challenge, but if it is then you are playing with a DDR mat or something because I can't even lose this game if I have items 30 levels behind the stage I'm playing. Even if you reach the dragon nests 40/50/60/70 you are invincible as if the game wants to rob any chance of having fun from you. If there is nothing in the game that is a challenge before 95 then most of the dungeons in the entire game are pointless other than the novelty of just looking at them as a tourist and saying that could have been cool if everything didn't get instakilled on the hardest difficulty, so they all need abyss modes at the very least.

      but hey, what do I know about game design, I'm just some random person on the internet.
      also, server is back up.
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        it is easy mode...till you reach max lvl and realize you're required to do some insane grinding and spend some cash to actually be viable for all the lvl 95 content


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          Heres the way I see it, 1-94 are tutorial levels.

          The cap is always more robust and harder than older content in all games. The older dungeons used to have abyss difficulties and there used to be lower end nests.

          But, we moved past all that. The way gear progression works in this game, theres really no incentive to make lower end content harder. The lower levels cannot prepare you for 95. They just cant.

          There's a far bigger delta in damage between T1 Legend gear at 95 and Scylla at 95 than there is from level 1 gear to level 95 T1 legendary.

          Thats just how the game is. Gear progression plans obsolescence.

          Why spend extra time grinding for gear thatll be obsolete as soon as you get it?


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            The game is too easy that's just the way it is - insert suggestion forum, lol.

            It's not as much about making the early dungeons harder so there is a reason/need to spend more time on them, but instead to always have a difficulty range that matches whatever time you already spent on them and gives XP gain to match it. The way it is now if you spend any time on your gear early on you are actually at a disadvantage proportional to the amount of time spent improving your gear, which makes no sense. So if you are a person that grinds the 40 dragon until you have the best possible stuff for that level range including enhancements then you go on to the next dungeons that actually have higher difficulty options like I suggested, you can do something different than the person that is still using level 20 gear. Currently there is no difference as everything is instakilled in either scenario and both people are going to be clearing the dungeons at about the same time so the person spending time getting better gear on the dragon wasted all their time and has nothing to show for it. This means half the game is invalidated and most of the dungeons are essentially pointless, there is nothing to do except get it over with as fast as possible, which is lame and still takes a really long time despite being so easy.

            How does baby mode prepare you for 95? Not a very good tutorial I think. There needs to be higher difficulty modes early on so people can have some challenge and fun on their way to the level cap. If people are supposed to have multiple 95 characters then not everyone in that level range even needs a tutorial to begin with. It would be a lot more interesting to start a new character if my last one wasn't able to win against a certain difficulty range in the journey to 95, or even if they were I could see if the new character keeps pace with them. With much higher difficulty options I could assume not everyone can handle the highest ones and not only go through the XP grind a bit faster for having defeated the highest difficulty, but also take a bit of pride in knowing it isn't the exact same thing everyone else does, because that is what actual difficulty does. Nobody would call any game that everyone can win a hard game, and nobody cares about winning in an easy game. Right now it's probably safe to assume even the worst players can go through the entire game on master difficulty without even trying, because it's just that profoundly easy, which makes it tedious and boring.

            Yes 95 is fun, but everything else is lame and difficulty options would make it better.


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              We now have difficulty added, yay :d