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  • A suggestion.

    One thing that is incredibly frustrating with this game is the rate at which things drop and/or appear.

    A couple of examples are as follow.

    I've been playing this game for a long time and today I was nesting with 3 other players and the "Miracle Jelly Ticket" dropped for the FIRST time today since it even became available and it wasn't even dropped for all the players. Just one of the 4. I've never seen it at all before today.

    The new Lab 6 invaders came out this past update (as well as the dreamy jade) which was days ago now and I have done enough dungeons on Lab 7 to rack up 3 MILLION stage points and I still have yet to find an invader even ONCE.

    The maze compass's for the new Red Lotus maze event came out as well and aside from the one that we all got for free when the event first started, I have yet to find another one. I know they drop from nests and other things but the point is, this stuff seems to happen SOOOO infrequently that it just doesn't even warrant the grind.

    My suggestion is just to make things happen a bit more frequently all across the board. With this update and with future updates, I would suggest just increasing the chance for RNG events to happen for players that actually work hard to participate in the game and events that you put out. I fully understand that it still should be randomized, I get that. But come on. This is insane.

    This goes for all future updates/events that will be put out as well.