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    What if we are American and have moved overseas? I still want to play the game with my friends, but is it necessary to restrict access? I'm certainly not a bot person. I have been a loyal customer/player of DN since almost the beginning. It would be a shame to ban me from being able to play when the access was never restricted in the first place. You can check my account for purchases of EC, etc. that I have made. I'm also a guild leader, and it would be shame to ban the guild leader, wouldn't it? Many people will quit playing or lose interest if you are going to break up community of friends. Is there any way that you can allow exceptions???

    To be honest, the time zone difference has no effect on the game atmosphere as there are many players from America who stay up late to play the game, or people in New Zealand, Australia, etc. who are more in sync with time zones in Asia. I don't understand the purpose of this at all. Do you even know anything at all about the game atmosphere??

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    SEA also having server restrictions. You wont be able to go there even if u wanted to.


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      ED either wants to finally put the game in its coffin or has no idea how internet works.

      People who command gold bot fleets can easily get around region restrictions with VPN. And no DN's puny "hackshield" already means nothing to them rofl.

      Some of most active contributors to community play from outside those regions. NA DN won't be hit as hard as SEA (which btw includes many more than those 3 countries by definition), but still lose sizable population.