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Access Hotspring in Normal Outfit Bug

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  • Access Hotspring in Normal Outfit Bug

    You're able to access the Hotspring in your current outfit without actually entering the Hotspring, letting you roam the small area freely. It's a bug that can be replicated fairly easily, and while it has no big upsides or downsides, it's a little silly and could affect someone trying to rush while fishing. By going to any fishing spot in a Hotspring Field, attempting to fish, and rapidly double-clicking "Auto-fishing", it will say that you "Can't fish in this location" and teleport you to a point fairly high above the Hotspring, dropping you right inside. This does not appear to affect the normal Fishing Fields. Exiting the Hotspring as normal does not use your daily Hotspring entry, nor does sitting in there give you Fatigue for free.

    I'm fairly certain this isn't all too serious of a bug to fix, but it IS a bug that exists.