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    Hi, my main characters name is Poop. I have an alt named ImmaGiveAid.

    I am writing this to bring light to an old ban on my account, a ban that was unwarranted.

    About 6 or 7 months ago my account was banned for being linked to a certain gm mailing a certain gem to a certain someone to be sold. That certain someone was not me. And furthermore, I had nothing to do with that certain someone or those certain gems. I guarantee there is no evidence to prove me wrong.

    And yet my account was banned along with this person. This *complete mistake* was never rectified. And I have wanted to continue playing on that account this whole time, but have not received any attention from someone that could look into the situation.

    In summary, I was banned for a bad thing I had no part in. I am sure there are plenty players that can confirm I am an honest player that did nothing worthy of a ban. A quick look at my account could confirm that.

    This is a plee to look at a case that HAS been closed, but closed hastily. I have created a new ticket for this request.
    [Ticket 385229: DragonNest (NA) - Support]
    Please reconsider this false ban

    Free Poop