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IP address prohibited again but I played the game yesterday

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  • IP address prohibited again but I played the game yesterday

    Hello, I recently wanted to get back into playing Dragon Nest but realized that basically all the servers block my IP.
    used to play on SEA because it gave me access to the game but Now I can't anymore. Tried to download NA but didn't let me log in due to IP access denied.

    Now yesterday, by some miracle, it let me log in to the NA website and i could download the game and I played it for about 2 hours with no issues.
    But now it's giving me the IP prohibited notification and IP access denied.

    Can anyone help me or tell me what I can do to play, besides VPN and such. I already sent a ticket so I'm waiting for an answer but
    was hoping I could get a solution before that. If not then I'll just have to wait 1-2 business days for an answer which I don't mind, granted they give me a solution to the problem
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    I´m currently facing the same situation, I have played the game like a week ago with no problems, went to check the game today and, to my surprise, it gave me the "IP address prohibited" message when trying to log into the game.
    When I attempt to log into the website, I receive the "Access denied for this IP" message.
    Still waiting for a proper reply as well.