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How completely remove dn to reinstall?

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  • How completely remove dn to reinstall?

    The launcher opens, but the game won't open. I had a copy of the old xin files, so I figured I would remove and re-download dn. Found out dn doesn't have an uninstall option under the control panel. I deleted the eyedentity files in program files(86) and in documents. I re-installed and it still won't play. So, I tried to download dn on a laptop that never had dn on it. It works and I'm on it, now. I need the game on the old laptop, because my husband plays dn too.

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    Hmm crap, I am having the exact same problem. I thought last night it was cause they were still updating, but I tried just now and when I hit the "game start" button it goes no where. I also tried reinstalling even with Revo Uninstaller and it still happens.


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      Use Ccleaner and run the delete tool.

      Also clean up its registry using Ccleaner as well.

      Worked for me like a charm.

      Also, there's files in the document folder.

      Also might want to go into your file explorer options and show all folders and have a look around C:\Users\(your user profile)


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      Ok, I tried CCleaner, deleted all the Dragon Nest files manually, and redownloaded the game and it works now. Maybe the download file was corrupt or something.