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Game Crashing At Random Intervals

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  • Game Crashing At Random Intervals

    My wife's DN will constantly crash no matter what we do. We can play for hours and it will crash out of now where, she can be in town logged in for 3 minutes and it will crash. I've never had this problem but it is constant for her and makes it hard for us to play together. No other game we play crashes, just DN. Any thoughts?

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    Sounds like a common case of the need for a reinstall. DN just had a new patch that messed up a lot of peoples games from what I've seen/heard.
    I'd recommend going here: and following the instructions.
    After your game successfully completes a patch, it would be smart to create a backup of it in case the next patch ends up getting corrupt. That way, you can hopefully just try patching again instead of doing a full reinstall.