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  • Artillery

    Hi it's been a while since i posted here and played dn . Is there a big change on artillery ? Nerf or buff ? I want to play again . Just asking if artillery is fun to play again .
    Thanks in advance

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    Check her latest revamp here.

    Not too bad in PVE, but there are stronger classes who can easily top Artillery (e.g Flurry, Moonlord).

    She wreaks havoc in group PVP, though. Harpoon + Fatal Cannonade combo is simply devastating.


    • hell1401
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      not fan of pvp . but thank you for the link.
      how about the dps of inqui now?
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    I'm just wondering, with equally high gear (full L-jade + skila + costume), can sniper/tempest/ww/SH outdps artillery in PVE? i'm experiencing a lot of bugs with fatal cannonade and i've been a sniper so i kinda know how buggy windshot too.
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