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Arrow Shower Instant not hitting

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  • Arrow Shower Instant not hitting

    As the titles says..
    There are instances that the Arrow Shower instant isnt hitting, i dont know if its a bug or im lagging (which i doubt since im running at 70-80ms)

    I thinking it might be because of siege stance awakening where it each shot reduces arrow shower and charge shot..
    it might be showing arrow shower is ready to use but it actually still has a few seconds before it actually coolsdown

    ex: siege stance > rmb > as > tumble > as instant > siege stance > rmb 2-3x > repeat > as instant starts to not hit at all

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    is it a direct connection / Using a DSL connection? or are you using WiFi to connect over the internet?

    If its a WiFi, it must because of the Reception of your wifi, it tends to have bad data sent from your computer so it frequently disconnects then reconnects your computer from the internet, having to be connected on a DSL or direct connection with a wire shouldn't cause any problem with that, unless you are using a mobile broadband.

    it also depends on the specs of your computer, sometimes the FPS spikes up in the game and there are instances that it freezes for a second then runs smooth again, issues like that causes your game to be out of sync on the server when playing, so it sometimes doesn't actually hit but you see it happening ingame.


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      This is very common to archers. I've never experienced this kind of bug for Arrow Shower but as a fellow archer myself, I'm using SH as an example, most skills sometimes miss/not hit during airtime. You have to time your skills well and make sure to cast it properly for you to get damage out of it.
      I think its really something to do with how they program archers to shoot arrows.

      Hi Admin Dean Tasha Mantou , need your full assistance in taking a look into this issue.


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        the same happened to me too, and skill wind shoot sometime miss, i really don't know what to do to solver this problem, maybe is my ping (320ms-290ms).