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You Feelz I healz. A lightfury guide to pvp (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

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  • You Feelz I healz. A lightfury guide to pvp (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

    Aomatsuri here this will be my first time making a guide here so if ever please point out any mistakes so I may change it. Currently its under construction as I am still busy with school

    Lightfury is a 2nd branch of the bringer class which focuses on light attacks, support, and the ever important heals. In this guide ill be focusing on the pvp aspect of this class. In pvp lightfurys are a child of light and darkness. He must use both light and dark skills to juggle enemies

    -All-rounder range. Can play close mid and long range
    -Healz can reach the whole map (only in lost temple)
    -Lightweight and very mobile ( run like the wind)
    -High evasion class (like a phantom thief :3)
    -High risk high reward class
    -Above average SAB

    -Paper defenses ( ever been one hit before?)
    -Small aoe skills (hard to use as defense in group)
    -Medium damage
    -Teammates can blame you for sucky healz
    -Everything hits like a truck

    Why to consider using this class?
    Cuz its fun!! Kidding.. this class is for people who want to be evasive while providing support and damage for the whole team. Your healz can be casted anywhere and can heal the team in an emergency where you cant reach the low life team mate

    LFs are more into initiation , recatching and supporting.

    So what should I do?
    For beginners its best to try the lifeguard role and once you grasp how LF is you can apply the Phantom thief role. Battlefury is focused to holding strong troublesome enemy hunters.

    All roles priority is
    HEAL> everything eles

    Focus on healing and defending targets
    This is the classic healer role where you focus on keeping your target alive while defending them.
    Notes: personally I don't like this role not because I want to hunt but due to LF's lack of AOE and control skills. This is however a good class when defending against 1-2 enemy hunters

    The slippery snake, the phantom thief. Focuses on initiating and providing attack support for fellow hunters. As well as being bait for enemy crowd controls while allowing yourself to escape. You must be able to weave in and out of enemy defenses with the help of quantum trance. This role also focuses on TRUST in your teammates as your will not be defending (not that it would matter if you def cuz of your crappy AOE). This role can also seen as the invisible healer due to the fact that you can go hunting for enemy captains and still heal your captain even if they are halfway across the map ( lost temple) This role also requires you to be suicidal as you have to squeeze as much damage as your little life can permit. YOU WILL DIE.
    Your main role here is to initiate, recatch, relift, control enemy defenses and waste every single evade of your target making it easier for your DPS mates to burst the target down.
    Notes: effective for captain mode. Personal favorite as you can be very flexible and versatile

    RAAAWR defeat everything!! Kidding. This role is more on holding strong enemy hunters. Destroy destroy
    Notes: don' forget to heal. Can heal anywhere anyways. Teammates may be mad at you. Just state you will hold the strongest hunter and make sure you hold em tight. Has high tendency to backfire causing increased team tension

    This is my prefferred skill build. Do not blindly follow it. Read the skills section and decide for yourself what should really be taken.


    Reasons why:
    Chakra cure
    is now required to access some of our skills. Sad. Other than that its a bad skill

    Chakra illusion vs. Awakened Chakra Illusion
    For some people chakra illusion is just a movement skill. The skill does have good SAB around 400 and it its up to you to take its awakened or not.

    As I dont have the values of damage values per hit and that this guide isn't a conprehensive guide I will just give insights on the skill usage and utilities. I will try to provide damage coeficients when I learn where and how to get these values

    For us lightfuries or rather for pvpers in general. The knowledge of Super Armor is helpful to know what skill to use to break or use to tank skills while punishing enemy units with lower easy to cancel skills.


    Outbreak ex
    Your primary bait and escape skill. With low cd you can spam this every cd to bait enemies with its iframed backflip motion and for careless enemies who dont notice the orb left by the fury can be used as a good waste of aerial evasion and power tumbles. You can also use this for movement to reposition and can drag and throw enemies to the front if you didnt use its backflip animation. You can use it on grounded enemies by putting the orb on top of them to keep them on the ground and lifts them when the orb explodes. This skill can be chained to quantum trace both during the backflip and forward thrust animation
    Iframe: only the first backflip part is iframed
    Comments: good skill to keep grounded targets in place to setup a ringstrike combo. Effective as a bait skill as well . Maxed cuz of ease of making it hit.and low cd. You'll be spamming this often while waiting for a good oppurtunity
    Update: as of May 2018 this skill now has a 10% increased damage recieved debuff on enemies for 5 sec. So its good to use during your combo.

    Full brightness
    This skill has slight suction really low. But it does suck a little. Damage is good but the range is really low so you need to cast it beside the enemy. Lifts targets in the air. This skill also has a fast animation so you can sneak it inside your combo incase you need to quantum trace out when your enemy defense arrives.
    comments : very low range but can be used after using chakra grip as that skill ends up on top of your target. Quantum tracable

    Ring strike Ex
    One of your high damaging skills as long as you make every hit. This skill can be casted in the ground where you teleport in the air and spin downwards. This skill can also be used in the air where it will skip the teleport animation and drill downwards but do note that it will have a 100 SA value so use at your own risk if performing this method. You can quickly descend by pressing the spacebar.
    Iframe : only during the teleport upwards part
    Comments: the higher you are higher the damage due to having more hits but still requires the enemy body to be in contact with you for the whole duration. (Hypothetically using double jump from top of LT then ring striking someone who got bone crashed lifted which is quite high will allow you more contact time with the target, highly situational but it does happen from time to time) . Dont descend too quickly to maximize the damage. Good skill to use after trapping a person under the outbreak orb
    Maxed because of main damage skills

    Sunshine Spark Ex
    The spirit bomb of lightfurys. Damage is good to high damage depending on how many hit you can get with the ball. This skill can be casted in two ways. On the ground the lf will jump up and form a giant energy bomb and throw in a diagonal angle. 2nd method is just jumping and casting will just make the lf gather energy and throw the giant energy ball skipping the jumping part of the animation. This skill can be used as long as you are in the air so it can increase airtime in case of emergencies
    Angle can be change to a horizontal angle by casting it just before landing after a jump. Future updates removes the debuff and puts it on outbreak
    NEEDS TO BE PLATED WITH ACTION SPEED in order to do secret techniques o3o

    Chakra grip
    A simple and good damage skill. This skill can surprise enemies with its forward motion. It has good damage , and super armor break. This skill can be chained into quantum trace
    Iframe: none
    -very useful skill for initiations and recatches
    -has a bug where if you get a movement speed debuff will cause chakra grip to make your LF stuck in that position for sometime. When this happens you can quantum trace after 1 or 2 secs. Good as bait if ever but risky
    -same bug can be used to make chakra grip hit 2 times. But needs the target to be in range of the 2 hits. (Very risky but fun once you see 12k now then 2 secs later another 12k)

    Line of darkness
    One of your main dps skills. Yes its a dark skill but the damage is good even without the ex. Can also be used for evasion
    Comments : you are a child of light and darkness. Balance the energies of yin and yang. Good damage and can be used to relift and to apply dark burn on targets. Level 11 is good enough for damage peak


    Quantum trance
    One of the best things that came with the LF awakening set. This skill allows you to teleport upwards during or after using a light skill. Namely outbreak , full brightness, chakra grip, even heals like chakra energy and miracle chakra. The sheer usefullness of this passive makes a normal LF into the slippery phantom thief.
    - if used against pro players they will notice it so randomly change patterns on when you quantum trace upwards to keep them confused
    -sprint ( double jump) will not activatr after landing from quantum trance.
    -there is a bug where pressing the special attack button after quantum trace causes you to walk in the air. (Rng based)

    Sprint ( AKA double jump)
    An underated utility which can be used to actually dodge stuff with low vertical hitboxes like halfmoon slash or ice beam( pray your out of the beam range by then) it also has quick cd so dont forget to use this.
    Notes: for lost temple asassins its a basic requirement to learn how to climb bridge with this skill as it allows you to instantly backstab a defending enemy group.

    Shadow hand
    Your best of the few SAbreak skills you have. Recommended to take till level 6 for better sab and speed. The ease to land this skill can be a factor to max this skill.

    Plasma burst
    The bringers eagle dive. This skill's utility is tied to the lightfurys new passive quantum trace. This skill can be used in 2 ways. Directly using it on the ground will make the LF jump uo in the air and land diagonally. 2nd method is jumping manually or via airtime during quantum trace to skip the jumping animation of plasma burst. Has good SAB. Caution when using against high SA classes as well as aoe classes as this skill does not have much SA
    Iframe: This skill has a 0.5sec iframe which is the jumping part of the normal version and 0.5 secs when the button is pressed during the air type version.
    Comment: level 1 for utility only.Not very damaging. When mixed with quantum trace can be used to confuse enemies on where you will land. Experiment on using this skill at different points of the jump to changr direction and landing at will. The ease to land this skill can also be a factor in maxing it usually for 1v1 builds.

    Your OH CRAP button. This skill can be used to teleport instantly in the air and has 2 forms. When normal attack button is pressed will spray the ground with small dark daggers will low sa and damage and increases air time. Pressing the special attack button makes you land immediately.

    Notes: rubicon will only make your character teleport upward when inputed with forward button but will allow movement when inputed sideways or backwards. Forward movement via rubicon is possible only during :
    Chakra illusion (both ex and non-ex) (use teleport animation then use rubicon to make your character fly forward)
    Iframe: teleport upward part is iframed
    Comments: can be used to cancel your skills in case of emergencies. And to reposition in combination with plasma burst

    Chakra illusion
    Your running skill. Can be used to run away or close the distance between your target. Pressin the normal attack will make you punch the target and pressing shift will make you teleport forward. Awaken has an added explosion at the end that can lift and SAB people.
    Comments: I did nott put awaken as the extra chakra explosion from awakening isnt that appealing to me that i had to put 10 pts on it when its purpose for me is only movement. Awakened chakra illusion does allow the teleport + rubicon combo though with reduction to distance travelled by chakra illusion + rubicon. Level 1 only for utility. Up to you to take till awaken. Depends on your playstyle.

    Shadow focus
    Flashbang skill. This skill also has really good SAB. You can also blind people after inflicting dark burn on targets FACING YOU. This skill is requires target to look at you and has a darkburn debuff . It wont work if target does not have either the debuff or is not looking at you .
    This skill is more on confusing your enemies by hiding in their blind spots during the 1 sec blind. Level 1 for utility
    notes: This skill has a decieving animation range. Actual range of blinding enemies is just till your crosshair and not the creeping black things on the floor. Its very narrow range
    if using the illusion strike +triple edge into shadow focus. Triple edge towards the target to make the target look at you then shadowfocus

    Shadow guise
    Summons a row of dark blades . Good for lifting and can block skills like a mini wall.This skill also has a 0.5 sec delay till the blades pop up so it can be used to bait some skills or intimidate some enemies. 1 sec duration. Level 1 for utility

    Triple edge
    Can be used to chain skills. Can be used to make people facd you for shadow focus. 1 for utility

    Circle gore
    Can be used to relift grounded targets or to bounce them more after a lift skill. This skill can also be used after coming out of quantum trace to descend quickly if you for any chance have plasma burst on cd

    Summon shadow
    Summon a shadow clone for 5 secs to wreck havoc on enemies. Level 2 for added damage and allows the clone to do 3 attacks.. level 1 only does 2 attacks

    Blessing of anja
    Summon a ninja racoon that boosts light attack and can be used to confuse enemies thinking it can attack. Ps: Racoon wont attack owo

    Pact of anja
    Ninja cat. Good for catching enemies off guard while it attacks them from behind as they look at you or vice versa . Try to sandwich the enemy between you and the cat to confuse them.

    A must skill. In a world of 1 hit magic combos and that flurry ghost explosion. Feint gives you a second chance at life. It gives you a 3 sec iframe. Abuse this 3 secs to either: A. Dps the enemy one last time.(usefull in cap mode as a suicide attacker since they can't touch you during thr 3 secs. B. Heal yourself and escape.

    Special Note: debuffs and hurricane dance will still go through feint so don't be confident because you have it.
    frozen status will also negate feint from activating and will use feint up making you die immediately.
    time stop goes through but unlike frozen you will still retain your iframe.

    Chakra ring
    summons a giant blue tunnel that gives added ms to allies running inside it. Valuable for helping your team chase a high speed target. It can also be used as an indicator for teammates which path is safe to take when all hell breaks lose and skills are flying. I use mine after casting sunshine spark so that the sunshine spark rams the crap out of evrything on the path of chakra ring. Plus its shiney and can be used to confuse enemies by making them think your inside thr ring but is actually hidng somewhere.


    Piercing star awakened
    Gives piercing star light element and bonus damage as well as added speed. Can be used to harrass enemies from afar to staggering SAless targets. Throw after every lift as it has fast cd. If possible mix this skill inbetween skills. Can be used after shadow hand to down targets if close enough.
    Maxed level 19

    Illusion strike
    Showers the target with a lot of dark daggers. Best used on grounded targets then follow up with triple edge into shadow focus.. level 1 only for dark debuff. Max level for 1v1 builds as this skill has a long cast to do full hits.

    Used for lifting in a distance.level 1 only

    Unseen art
    your very preety golden magic circle that barfs golden thingeys each time you use a light skill. This circle only does damage so be carefull when using this as it does not add anything but added damage only
    notes: its crap. I only use mine as a victory dance or something can also be used to scare people who dont know what it does. Its very pretty


    Healing for dummies
    1. Priority in healing is
    Captain mode
    Captain> You > team mates

    Rounds group
    Teammates > you

    -you have 4 heals use the most appropriate heal for the situation.
    -Healing of Anja is only for you so cast it for yourself
    - Chakra energy is for you and captains
    -Miracle chakra is reserved for your captain or if you know your captain wont be damaged anytime soon. Your hp is really low and most likely youll die anyways so might as well reserve it for your captain.
    - Chakra of healing aka the float is best used in a very defensive environment where you can float all you want while healing (note always make sure your team is alert during the float as they may feel to safe and get hit by the hunting team real bad as this skill wont heal much. But it's unli heals)

    Group rounds
    -same with captain but this time make sure your team's ACE is properly healed and supported
    -try to keep alive by using the heals for yourself as well. You are not as sturdy as the other healers.

    2. Heal range
    Only 1 heal needs you to be beside the healed target. Miracle chakra has around 20m range ( not sure) but it will heal from base of lost temple till the enemy base .
    When healing targets on top of bridge be careful as sometimes the heals range wont reach your intended target.

    3. Lightning debuff does not allow healing. So watch your allies debuff bar.

    4. Always be aware of your teams hp and improvise accordingly.

    5. You can cast chakra energy first to test wether target is within vertical height of yohr heal in order for you not to waste miracle chakra

    6. Announce heal times. There are times your already dying teammate is waiting for you to heal them. Some may get chat killed in the process. So take time to tell them which heal is on cd. This will reduce their anxiety of getting healed. It will also help with morale as they have something to wait for in x secs.

    All heals got changed

    Chakra energy
    As of May 2018 all of our heals run on a 60 sec cd this skill now heals the whole team for 2.5% heal anywhere anytime.
    Range: whole map. Yes whole map. In captain mode you can just heal just as you respawn
    Notes:dont be greedy in healing yourself. This is the skill for yourself as well. A dead healer is a useless healer. Also make sure to cast every cd to heal a lot.

    Healing of anja
    Your cute bunny healer. She heals you for 0.25% every 2 secs for 60 secs on a 90 sec cd (yo dawg i heard your like secs) Optional because the heal amount is over time so you need to keep the bunny alive to reap its maximum benefits. Also the rabbit can be killed so total heal may decrease a lot if killed very early

    Heal computation
    0.25% x 60 ÷2 = 7.5% total heal for 60 secs
    0.25% x 4 ÷2 = 1% every 8 secs.
    Note: optional heal as the rewards of keeping the bunny alive vs the risks of it dying is low. But hey every heal bit counts.

    Miracle chakra awakened
    our primary heal skill. This skill heals for 10%hp every and an additional 5% of your attack as added heal in a regeneration manner every 2 secs for 5 times equal to 10 secs of heal with a cd of 60 secs.
    Notes: don't be an idiot healer.
    This heal isnt for you. Its for the captain or team.

    Chakra of Healing
    as of May 2018 (SEA) this skill now gives 0.4% heal per sec. And an added 35% based on physical attack added heal. It heals reaaaaaallly slow so make sure someones defending you. Or keep floating like a healing relic while people pole dance around you. Also it won't stop till you stop so unli healz.
    Note: this skill requires you to float, good thing is there is no limit so float all you can. This setup requires your captain and another def to cover you as you are useless floating there.
    Note2: Speed plate for extra healz

    Chakra Cure
    only forced to take for the passives. Its a bad skill as debuffs in pvp only last 4-5 seconds. By the time you finish the animation the debuff would be alreadt over. Another bad point is its range. Its so small that you would endanger yourself just to cure someone who's debuff is almost already over.

    As there are many styles to using this class we have different skill plate recomendation. Use JimRiyos skill plate recomendation for a more balanced feel. My plate recomendation is more on dealing more damage in a single hit.

    UPDATE : As of May 2018 all heal plates are removed

    Aomatsuri's Recomendation
    This plate build requires you to use all of your skills and link skills via jump kunai attacks as you may have down times due to skill cooldowns

    Only essential plate is sunshine spark action speed

    The last 3 plates can be
    Line of Darkness dmg
    Outbreak dmg
    Ringstrike dmg
    Chakra healing action speed

    Usually I picked damage plates because LFs dont have a down time in skill rotation due to the quick cds of outbreak and chakra grip.

    JimRiyo's Recomendation
    Skill Heraldry Plates for Group PvP:
    •Chakra Heal [Action Speed]
    •Chakra Miracle [Cooldown]
    Sunshine Spark [Damage]
    Ring Strike [Damage]c

    Chakra Energy [Cooldown/Heal Rate]
    The top 2 plates are a necessity for LF in group PvP, since your main role is still to support as usual. The last 3 plates are my recommendations, but it's up to you which two of those you plan to fill up the remaining slots.

    Skill Heraldry plates for 1v1 PvP:
    Because both evasion and speed are LF's greatest assets in 1v1, I think these plates will do just fine for your survival:
    Ring Strike [Cooldown]
    Line of Darkness [Cooldown]
    Sunshine Spark [Action Speed]
    Chakra Miracle [Cooldown]

    WHAT TO DO WHEN: by JimRiyo
    Fighting against melee classes: (Flurry, Ripper,Guardian, etc.)
    • It's best to keep your distance from them a bit. Once you get caught in their combos, you're good as dead. So be sure to observe their moment and keep evading, while at the same time counterattack and combo if given the opportunity.

    Fighting against mid-ranged classes: ( Dark Summoner, Elestra, Moonlord, etc.)
    • Depending on the situation, you need to either stay back or get close. Being just within their reach will grant them an opportunity to lock you down, so you have to lock them down first before they do the same. If they run away, that will give you some time to heal up and attack with long ranged skills. You still need to be careful about their disables though.

    Fighting against long-ranged fighters: (Sniper,Gear Master, Black Mara, etc.)
    • You will now have to chase them and lock them down, since they can even hit you from a distance and you may not even have time to heal up. But beware, once you get close to them, it can get more dangerous.

    In this section I'll be discussing tips on uncommon uses of skills that can be used to confuse and or change the utility of the skill

    Horizontal Sunshine Spark
    The regular sunshine spark is always casted at a diagonal angle. In order to cast it horizontally you must cast it when you are about to land. For 1v1s its quite dangerous as you will be on floor level when casting. But for groups it is very useful to break tough enemy defenses and scatters your enemies for you and your team to insert themselves into the defense area. To do this you need to manually jump and when you are close to the ground cast Sunshine Spark

    Video Link:

    Diving Sunshine Spark
    Though as stated earlier Sunshine spark casted horizontally is dangrous . With this method however it is a little more safer as it is faster. This is in conjuction with plasma burst's 0.5 sec airtime during landing. After landing plasma burst you can cast Sunshine spark either on top of the target as seen in the video or you can do a horizontal sunshine spark from that angle.

    Video Link: skip to 1:25 as it was filmed with chakra illusion + rubicon video

    Outbreak spark
    Same mechanics as plasma burst extra air time. Outbreak has the same mechanic. Best used when your opponent doesn't have any wake attacks left. Can also be used as an opening when you try to break enemy defenses.

    In the same video you can also see infinite hit range of illusion strike and proper usage of edge fan for those who use a hybrid PVE PVP build

    Credits to SkitzoRoy

    Flying rubicon
    You may noticr that rubicon allows slight movement when used alone. But using it after chakra illusion will allow rubicon to retain the momentum of the teleport from chakra illusion thus allowing you to fly over defenses. To do this just chakra illusion then use the teleport animation then use rubicon. The range should be around 1 LoD range. This technique can be used in both Awakened and Non-Awakened version
    Thanks SkitzoRoy for testing awakened version

    Video Link

    Gameplay Videos

    Pardon the bad gameplay. This is when the enemy team is wary of your presence. Usually they don't bother with me because I'm a lightfury.


    KR 03/07/2018 - Labyrinth (95.11.KR)

    Light Fury
    Outbreak EX
    •3s cooldown reduction added.
    •Damage increase of the last slamming attack changed from 30% to 50%.

    Ring Strike EX
    •Damage increase changed from 30% to 50%.

    [Awakened Passive] Piercing Star
    •Damage increase changed from 20% to 200%.

    [Awakened Passive] Chakra Illusion
    •Damage increase changed from 20% to 100%.

    Chakra Grip
    •Cooldown reduced from 12s to 10s.

    Unseen Art
    •Cooldown reduced from 45s to 35s.


    Change log
    02/21 added roles
    02/25 added secret scrolls
    05/19 updated from healer tank patch

    SkitzoRoy for the technical aspects of this guide

    JimRiyo for helping with general techniques against enemies in pvp

    Xirumeia my videographer

    Chakra grip bug
    Quantum trace ex (thanks for Skitzo havent fully tested it yet as I sometimes fail using it)
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    Can I ask how to upload skill build from dnsim? Sorry it's my first time trying to do this.

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    • ShadouDaisuke
      ShadouDaisuke commented
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      Hi there, if u are a windows user. no matter windows 10 / 8 / 7. Go start menu and search "Snipping Tool". I dont know exactly how to do that, but if u wanna make an image from build that u make in dnsim. Try that, it should help to answer your question
      Last edited by ShadouDaisuke; 02-20-2018, 06:14 AM.

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      I see.. thank you..

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    wa nice nice


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      Thank you :3 but it still needs a ton of work

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    I personally use level 5 shadow hand, it'll come handy if theres DA (dark crash) or Sniper (siege stance) since it cancels their skills, i'll just use +1 skill ring if i need it to be lvl 6 for the quick and short range. Also illusion strike deals quite the damage at maxed lvl 19 it deals around 20k if landed full 20 hits. Though these are from my respawn game experience might be diff in capt mode since its more fast paced ? Idk.


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      U really are a Nest PRO huh ?非常熱的支援類與軟心

    • KureyonNeko
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      Yeah I put my extra points on full brightness because its just a quick 1 sec for the skill to finish. But I put tour suggestion on maxing it . If you have more please let me know

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    ELpatron50 are you reffering to Blessedsign or me? I'm not pro though. I just want people to try out this class as it's seldomly used in pvp.

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      I was pertaining to her, BlessedSign cos i commented on her post didn't I ?
      debería ser ella de lo contrario me habría referido a usted.

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    been waiting for this. the title got me


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      Ahaha we healz their feelz while giving feelz to enemy

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    Hello from NA! While browsin the forums, I came across this post and as it so happens, I've played quite a bit of LF in PvP. So, I'd like to give my own opinions on the guide you wrote so far. I hope you don't mind :^). (I do realize your guide is still under construction, so I'll only talk about the stuff you have at the moment).

    First off, I wouldn't really consider LF's overall SAB as low tier. Shadow Hand, Ring Strike, Plasma Burst, Shadow Focus, and SSS all have what I consider above average SAB and these skills are pretty practical to land. Due to the multihit but, Chakra Grip can have good SAB too against Warriors, Pallies, and Lanceas. The clone from Summon Shadow also has decent SAB if you want to consider that. Spectral Guise and Awakened Illusion Chakra have what I consider average SAB (400). Compared to classes, (like Oracle Elder, Silver Hunter, Soul Eater, etc) I'd say LF is fine in terms of SAB.

    2nd, I disagree with not getting Awakened Illusion Chakra. It is an amazing initiator that saves you from having to Tumble, especially if Rubicon is at the ready. However, I understand that this skill is highly preferable and not everyone likes it. So, I think it's fine to not take it.

    3rd, I think you should mention in Ring Strike EX that using this skill from the air decreases its SA from 400 to 100 making it pretty risky to use outside of combos. Also, in PvP, anything past the default height of the skill won't add too much (if any) more damage. The opponent will end up on top of the Ring Strike, rather than below it if they are very high up.

    4th, I prefer to not use an action speed plate on SSS. Having the slow version allows a LF to throw the SSS behind them when an opponent tries to dodge the skill by going beneath the LF. It also allows more time to aim. Due to it having 600 SA and putting the LF in the air, it's not that risky of a move imo.

    5th, I think you should note to never ever use Chakra Grip if the LF is slowed. I'm sure you know that it makes the LF stuck in the animation for a certain period depending on the slow. If the LF were to use it in a Raven's Umbra, the LF would be stuck until Umbra ended or they used Rubicon to get out. I believe the same thing happens inside Elestra's Glacial Field. Also, the multihit bug could be mentioned here since (and this is just my hypothesis) Chakra Grip is actually slower than it's supposed to be.

    6th, mentioning that Quantum Trance has 400 SA falling down could be beneficial. Also mentioning that trying to Sprint (double jump) as soon as Quantum Trance allows will most likely cause Sprint to fail would be nice too.

    7th, this one is really just my own personal opinion and preference, but maxing Shadow Hand adds up to a lot of damage due to how frequently it is used. I have it maxed along with a technique accessory on my LF and it usually ends up in the top 3 damaging skills in the damage meter/counter.

    8th, I max Plasma Burst due to how frequently I use and land this skill (I use a CD crest to pair it's CD with Outbreak). For example, Outbreak EX → Quantum Trance → Sprint → Plasma Burst usually allows enough time to properly aim and time the skill. As you mentioned, there is a very small iframe right as the skill is used from the air, so that also helps a lot.

    9th, I'm not sure what you mean by "Forward movement via rubicon is possible only during: Chakra illusion". From what I can tell, you gain a little more distance when using Rubicon during Chakra Illusion, but it's not that significant. Please let me know if I'm misunderstanding something here.

    10th, like I said before, I'm glad you said it's up to the player whether or not to get Awakened Chakra Illusion as that preference definitely varies from player to player and I don't think there's an absolute answer. Each version has it's own pros and cons.

    11th, Shadow Focus can help catch AEs and other escapes if you really know what you're doing. If you're a player that times AEs, you can inflict a dark burn before making the opponent use their AE and have Shadow Focus already coming out as they land. It has 1200 SAB so they most likely won't be able to recover. Simply using it after Plasma Burst or Line of Darkness successfully lifts the opponent and they're going to have to not face you while using AE. A bit more difficult to handle imo. Also, due to Illusion Strike's infinite range bug, Shadow Focus can be used defensively after abusing that lol.

    12th, I think it's worth mentioning that Spectral Guise can be used to divert skills like Tracking Arrows, Stalker EX, and Entomb. However, it can also be hit by a Shooting Star's Ping Pong Bomb which would then hit you.

    13th, for "Gore Kick" I think you meant "Circle Gore" or "Gore Slam". Gore Kick is the right click attack of Assassins. Circle Gore can also be used to counter to SA skills like Shin Breaker if you're fast enough.

    14th, Level 2 Clones use a 3rd attack (Level 1 Clones only use 2 attacks) so it's not just for extra damage. That 3rd attack can easily waste another escape/evade.

    15th, Feint will fail from Additional Damage (Finish Attack, Ecstatic Dance, etc), being frozen, and from damage over time debuffs like burns and poisons. That's more of an Assassin thing, but it could be mentioned in this guide.

    16th, Awakened Piercing Star is fine to have (it looks so cool) but I think you should note some things. Summoning the Star only has 100 SA with the awakening. The action speed of the skill is also slightly increased (now even better to use after Shadow Hand to knock down your opponent). The damage however, isn't that great for putting 19 points of SP into. It's ok, but not that great. It's also very tempting to throw in group PvP. However, I've caught myself throwing those stars instead of saving my teammates with higher SAB skills a few times. Now, I just don't take the awakening.

    17th, oh boy, Illusion Strike... First off, there's an infinite range bug that can be utilized. Second, the hit box of the skill (at least in NA) is currently bugged. Using this skill after a stagger will (I think) always cause the opponent to auto stand. Even when the opponent is knocked down, using this skill has a high chance of making them auto stand. Before awakenings, this didn't happen. The damage was (and still technically is) great, but now, I think it's rather impractical to use since it can drop combos very easily (which you really don't want to do as a LF). Not to mention this skill has very low SAB (only 10 per hit ). Also, Illusion Strike → Triple Edge → Shadow Focus won't always work. Sometimes it will, sometimes it won't. I never really figured out what causes this RNG.

    18th, Unseen Art is utter trash, don't even bother getting this skill. The high cooldown, low SAB, small AOE, and low dmg (while having the possibility of messing up combos) make this practically useless. In every situation, there's probably a better skill to use than Unseen Art.

    19th, What you said about Chakra of Healing EX is right, but wrong. The non-EX version also allows you to backflip out (I would know, I don't waste 2 SP on the EX version). All the EX version does is give the LF a 10% damage reduction buff for ~2 seconds after every pulse. It also allows SSS to be thrown by left-clicking during the skill. That is it (for now, this skill did get changed a bit with one of the new updates in KDN as you mention later). I have found much better places to put the 2 SP. Also, Chakra of Healing's backflip has an iframe on the first backflip (similar to Outbreak EX and Plasma Burst EX). Might want to include that as well.

    20th, I disagree with your healing priorities in Rounds group. I'm the only player that deserves to be healed :kappa: :^).

    21st, Blessing of Ajna can heal up to 3 times in one summon, I think you should mention that.

    22nd, Awakened Miracle Chakra only adds like 450 more HP. That is s*** imo and I do not bother to awaken this skill.

    23rd, I disagree with your choosing of skill plates, but that's ok. Personally, I use Miracle Chakra Action Speed, Plasma Burst CD, Chakra Energy Heal Increase (though that's being removed soon), Tumble CD (very helpful against pros), or Illusion Chakra CD. I tend to believe utility > dmg in most cases.

    24th, Don't forget how useful Chakra Ring is in PvP :kappa:. Gotta use that skill mid-combo to assert your dominance :kappa:.

    If you have any questions or have anything to discuss about this, feel free to say so. I'll be checking in on this thread every now and then since LF has been one of my mains in PvP for quite some time and I absolutely love discussing the class.
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    • SkitzoRoy
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      Horizontal Sunshine Spark is better cast w/ Outbreak to get the 5% extra damage.

      Also, many skills will allow you to land Edged Fan.

      Also, Illusion Strike infinite range.

      See vid:

    • SkitzoRoy
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      Horizontal Sunshine Spark is better cast w/ Outbreak to get the 5% extra damage.

      Also, many skills will allow you to land Edged Fan.

      Also, Illusion Strike infinite range.

      See vid:

    • KureyonNeko
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      Nice I'll try and do that in my other cao matches. This opens up a lot more opening attacks for group members to pass through . I did try last week on quantum trace with sprint but can't replicate it well yet.

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    Hello, I'd like to share my thoughts on my PvP skillbuild here as to have others give it some thoughts as well. I read your guide and I agree with most of your ideas, however I have some parts that I disagree on too. Also, since that you're still in progress with your guide, I think I want to contribute my thoughts for your reference as well
    Anyway, I'm also sharing my own opinions as well so it's up to you guys whether to follow what I share or not.

    First of all, I do both PvP types: Group PvP and 1v1. But I use the same skillbuild for both.

    Things to take note:
    1.) Mental Mastery & Mind Conquer
    • Maxed it out for maximum skill utility and casting capacity, the more mana you have, the more offense and support you provide. As for Mind Conquer, The mana regeneration is important in case you "completely" run out of mana, cus Chakra Heal costs mana too. If you don't have mana at all, the only other ways for you to get mana are through Automatic Dispenser or by dying.

    2.) Spectral Guise
    • I didn't take it because you mostly use Full Brightness instead, which is more efficient since you often chain your combos at melee range, especially if you plan to use Ring Strike right after Full Brightness.
    You might already have too many skills to fit in your skill hotkeys anyway lol.

    3.) [Awakened] Chakra Illusion
    • Now, I find this a very useful skill because it has 4 functions (imo): initiation, escape, pursuit, and retaliation. Whether you can start a fight or run away from one by using it, chase down a runner, or evade an attack then counter your enemy with a Blink Strike. It's a very convenient skill to have, especially the good SA break the hit comes with

    4.) Chakra Ring
    • Okay I don't find this skill useful at all, since you only seldomly run a straight line throughout the entire PvP environment. Also, Even if you do run a straight direction, the change of elevation of the terrain will render it completely useless.

    5.) Line of Darkness
    • I kept it down at level 1 to be used solely for combos and utility. I think it deals decent dmg by itself already.

    6.) Unseen art
    • A territorial skill, just like Inquisitor's Consecration, and Elestra's Glacial Field. You can also use it to amplify your combos if you have time to cast it while your opponent is stuck in the air.

    As for Skill Heraldry Plates, I use different kinds depending on whether I want to do 1v1 or Group PvP. The plates are my choice, so it's all up to you if you want to follow it, just like whether you want to follow the skillbuild or not.

    Skill Heraldry Plates for Group PvP:
    Chakra Heal [Action Speed]
    Chakra Miracle [Cooldown]
    Sunshine Spark [Damage]
    Ring Strike [Damage]c
    Chakra Energy [Cooldown/Heal Rate]

    Note: The top 2 plates are a necessity for LF in group PvP, since your main role is still to support as usual. The last 3 plates are my recommendations, but it's up to you which two of those you plan to fill up the remaining slots.

    Now, for 1v1 PvP (especially in softban rooms), you should completely forget your role as a support and fight like you're gonna destroy your opponent. Because you can die easily, your greatest asset will be your speed and evasions, dodging the opponent's attacks and counterattacking right after. If you keep running, then you'll be caught eventually. So the best option is to fight back.

    Fighting against melee classes: (Flurry, Ripper, Guardian, etc.)
    • It's best to keep your distance from them a bit. Once you get caught in their combos, you're good as dead. So be sure to observe their moment and keep evading, while at the same time counterattack and combo if given the opportunity.

    Fighting against mid-ranged classes: ( Dark Summoner, Elestra, Moonlord, etc.)
    • Depending on the situation, you need to either stay back or get close. Being just within their reach will grant them an opportunity to lock you down, so you have to lock them down first before they do the same. If they run away, that will give you some time to heal up and attack with long ranged skills. You still need to be careful about their disables though.

    Fighting against long-ranged fighters: (Sniper, Gear Master, Black Mara, etc.)
    • You will now have to chase them and lock them down, since they can even hit you from a distance and you may not even have time to heal up. But beware, once you get close to them, it can get more dangerous.

    Skill Heraldry plates for 1v1 PvP:
    Because both evasion and speed are LF's greatest assets in 1v1, I think these plates will do just fine for your survival:
    Ring Strike [Cooldown]
    Line of Darkness [Cooldown]
    Sunshine Spark [Action Speed]

    Chakra Miracle [Cooldown]

    Note: The Line of Darkness and Ring Strike plates will be convenient in chaining your combos early on, so you will have an easier time controlling the opponent. As for Sunshine Spark action speed plate, It is a better choice to ensure its accuracy that it will hit. While for the Chakra Miracle cooldown plate, you will be able to heal up as soon as possible when space is created.

    Well that's all I think based on my experience. Feel free to share your thoughts about it as well. Also if the TS finds this helpful, you can use this as a reference for the completion of your guide.

    I miss the old [spoiler] feature back in the CC forums...


    • KureyonNeko
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      SkitzoRoy distance travelled by chakra illusion normal + rubicon is the same as LOD distance. How far does the awakened + rubicon travel?

    • SkitzoRoy
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      I tried it out and it seems to go the same distance as LoD.

    • KureyonNeko
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      I see. So both awakened and non-awake version has LoD range. Thank you. I'll update the guide

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    JimRiyo SkitzoRoy wana collab on this guide sirs?

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    • SkitzoRoy
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      Sure, I'd like to help. Maybe this could all go into Kura's Zero to Hero PvP Guide for LFs as well.

    • JimRiyo
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      Sure thing. Might as well learn about more ways to utilize LF's skillset

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    Added Secret scrolls section with video.
    And special thanks

    Can I ask how to embed the video like in other guides so they can play it here instead?

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      Think the guide is complete. How do i change It's title ?

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      • KureyonNeko
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        I see.. yeah what are your comments on the boost? It seems high like the awakening piercing star boost from 50% to200%

      • SkitzoRoy
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        It went from 20% to 200%.
        The boost is nice since LFs won't be healing as much. Tho, I don't think LF really needed the boost.

      • KureyonNeko
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        I agree. We might see people changing to it. I just hope we don't get the nerf hammer too hard

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      Well, here are the PVP updates for Light Fury taken from the KR 03/07/2018 - Labyrinth (95.11.KR) Translation [credits to Vahr (but not sure which Vahr lol)]

      Light Fury
      Outbreak EX
      •3s cooldown reduction added.
      •Damage increase of the last slamming attack changed from 30% to 50%.

      Ring Strike EX
      •Damage increase changed from 30% to 50%.

      [Awakened Passive] Piercing Star
      •Damage increase changed from 20% to 200%.

      [Awakened Passive] Chakra Illusion
      •Damage increase changed from 20% to 100%.

      Chakra Grip
      •Cooldown reduced from 12s to 10s.

      Unseen Art
      •Cooldown reduced from 45s to 35s.

      And with the 200% increase of Piercing Star, I'd say it would now be an incredibly powerful skill to have since it is one of your most spammable offensive skills. And considering that you can throw it 3 times, The total damage would be 1404% (1685% using atk plate) for 3 throws in a row. It is now becoming a threatening long range attack and a more essential skill to have in group PVP.

      All in all, the boost is more focused toward LF's offense and mobility, in which imo, the boost is a great help for us to survive.


      • KureyonNeko
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        Sorry I was busy with saving my semester ahaha.. yeah those damagr values. Its now important to throw in piercing star in between lifts and relifts. The ring strike buff is really good. Ahaha I just hope people won't bandwagon to LF because of these buffs.

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      with regards to the incoming Healer Patch next month;

      [Awakened Passive] Miraculous Chakra
      - The proportional heal now applies faster.
      - Changed the rate of the proportional heal from every 3s to every 2s.
      - Duration decreased from 15s to 10s.
      - Added enhancement effects for Pulse Ring:
      Cure effect added.
      Damage reduction effect increased to 50%.

      Does this mean need to cast Miraculous Chakra first before Pulse Ring? Or its an added skill effect if you learned the passive?



      • KureyonNeko
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        I think its added similar to saints role new awakening passive. Is pulse ring LF ultimate?

      • SkitzoRoy
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        It's an added skill effect if you learn the passive.
        The cure on Pulse Ring was removed and put on this awakening passive. Meaning, if you don't take this passive, Pulse Ring will not cure. Also, Pulse Ring's damage reduction was reduced from 70% to 30%. If you take this awakening passive, that will increase it from 30% to 50% for the damage reduction buff.
        Also, this awakening passive makes Miraculous Chakra heal by 50% of your phys dmg instead of the current 5%.

        source: the skill simulator for KDN

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      I'll update this guide when the changes come to SEA o3o.

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        Alright, I have some free time now, so here's the "hidden" changes that happened during the 2 patches that updated LFs (according to the skill simulator).

        Next update:
        Class Mastery 1 now requires Chakra Cure to be taken. (PvP, PvE)
        Chakra Heal becomes an infinite heal in PvP. The EX applies a heal from 35% of your pdmg w/ each pulse along with the 0.4% heal.
        Ring of Energy loses the cure ability and the damage reduction buff is nerfed to 30%. (PvP, PvE)
        Awakened Miracle Chakra heals by an extra 50% of your physical damage instead of 5%, 5 times in PvP.

        Next or Labyrinth's update (not sure which update changes this):
        Unseen Art's damage goes from 100% to 814% in PvP.

        Everything else that I noticed was posted in Vahr's translation of the patch notes. I already got Fabulous to put these changes on the Class Updates document if you'd also like to see them there along with everything else.

        My comments on these hidden changes:
        Chakra Cure suckssssssssssssssssss and is gonna make me waste 10 sp now...
        Unseen Art's damage buff is ridiculous. Right now, it does about ~1.6k per tick in PvP. The buff should make it do near 13k with each tick. This skill finally becomes able to do damage, with its potential being huge. I can easily get 7-8 ticks while comboing someone in it. That's 90k-100k total damage, which doesn't even count for the damage done by the skills to make Unseen Art go off or any damage buffs and debuffs...
        Probably gonna take the Awakened Miracle Chakra passive now.. It should heal an extra 4k and give Ring of Energy its cure and dmg reduction back.
        LFs back to healing all day in Respawn bois :^)
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