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How much dps should I expect from a Ripper?

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  • How much dps should I expect from a Ripper?

    1) What is the dps range should I be doing if I am playing Ripper properly in STS?

    2) Could you please also tell me your PVE dps range (if you play Ripper, or if you think your numbers can provide some valuable insights even though you play another class) along with your current stats (Patk, FireAattck, FD, crit&cdmg after buff)?

    I know how to play only Artillery and Destroyer.
    Currently, taking advantage of the recent event, I am considering switching from Artillery main to Ripper main.
    With Artillery (2m Matk, 60% elem, 105% fd, crit&cdmg cap) I can do 200k~350k in STS and 800m~1100m in normal PVE considering minimal mech duration.
    With Destroyer I can readily do 330k~400k+ in STS.
    With Ripper I can normally do 220k up to 330k in STS.
    Today is also the first day I start playing ripper at lv95. I would love to know what kind of potentials Ripper has got.

    Thank you.

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    Ripper could go 400-700k dps on STS but really depends on the boss
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      in my experience playing Ripper, due to its fast-paced nature of the class and fire element + mastery, Ripper can reach DPS around 107 million even using Skilled unique equipment set (and possibly reach billion if given Skila + full AGI jade and fire element Jade)